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IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Customer Satisfaction

IP.Nexus provides a great support system, allowing customers to submit support requests through your community or directly through email.
The support system also includes robust reporting tools allowing you to see the volume of support requests over time and audit individual members of staff to view how many replies they're making and the quality of those replies.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is important to anyone running a support system, and in IP.Nexus 1.5 we're adding a feature that will allow your customers to rate, and provide feedback on, the support they receive.

When the system is enabled, customers will see a star rating system below each staff member's reply:

They can then click on their desired rating, which will bring up a popup where they can enter additional feedback. This is completely optional, and customers can just leave a star rating if desired.

In the Admin CP, you can control using ACP Restrictions if administrators can view the ratings given and optionally also view the feedback given.
If a rating is given and the administrator can see it, it will appear user the message, just like in the front-end:

If the customer left a note, and the administrator has permission to view it, they can do so by clicking on the rating:

IP.Nexus has a "Staff Audit" tool allowing you to view how many support requests each staff member has answered over time. The audit now has an additional column providing the average rating for their replies in that time period:

And of course, when you click on the number to view the staff member's responses, the rating and the note if available will display here too:

Finally, we've added an additional report page in the Admin CP which allows you to view the average rating for different staff members over time:

In this screenshot, I'm comparing two staff members average ratings throughout 2012 on a bar chart. But just like the other reporting tools in Nexus, you can select any date range, chart type (options are bar, line, pie or a plain data table) and can customise the series too (you could compare any particular staff members, group staff members by their department to compare departments, view everyone on one series, etc.)

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions unrelated to this blog entry, please post them in the IP.Nexus forum

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