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IP.Nexus 1.2 Dev Update: Advertisements In Store

IP.Nexus features an advertisement system which allows administrators not only to set up circulating advertisements on their community, but sell advertising space too.
Currently in IP.Nexus, advertisements are purchased through a special location in the client area. In IP.Nexus 1.2 we will be removing this area and moving advertisements into the store.

When adding a package to the store, you will be shown a screen which asks you what type of package to add:

Then, when filling in the settings, there will be a contextual tab which shows settings for that package type. For products you'll see options about shipping and license keys, and for advertisements you'll see the usual advertisement package settings:

Users can then purchase advertisements through the store just like a normal product. They will be asked to provide their advertisement link and image on the same screen that custom package fields appear:

And view information about the advertisement on the normal purchase screen:

Not only does this make the process of purchasing advertisements easier, but all of the options available to packages are now also available to advertisements, including:

  • Only make certain advertisement packages appear to certain groups.
  • Give discounts on advertisements to certain members, for example, members who have purchased advertisements in the past.
  • For time-base advertisements, use renewal price settings to allow members to continuously pay for advertisement space.
  • Move users who purchase an advertisement into a different usergroup.
  • Allow users to upgrade to a higher package (for example, with more clicks) from within the client area.

Finally, this change opens the door for us to add more types of packages all of which display in the store. Like, for example, hosting packages...


Recommended Comments

Custom zones is how most ad software works. You have most of the backend in place to allow for this type of thing.. It's very restrictive to only have the few pre-defined ad spots you already have set up.

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Couple of quick questions:

Will there be any size restrictions to banners, or will admins be able to set a maximum size, so users can add a banner up to the size defined by admin?

If the banner is over a certain size, will there be the built in ability for size reduction to the limit set by admins?

Will rotating banners be able to be weighted so that different prices can be set for weighting?

Can a start date be added, so that should a package be purchased for, say 3 months (90 days at 99 cents a day), then start date is from date of purchase, with the feature calculating the expiry date, and automatically removing the banner?

If a user's banner has expired, will the banner be kept in users control panel so that they can purchase additional days/months/years for the same banner without having to upload new?

Will users be able to edit their banner/link after purchasing?

Will a user who has purchased banner space have logs that will show number of hits, location of user making hits etc?

Glad to see this addition by the way! :thumbsup:

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One extra improvement suggestion: (I have not tried the product yet so do enlighten me if this feature exists)

- The possibility of purchasing text links!

No reason why this should be limited to image banners only, i'm sure many people would enjoy this addition and from the development side shouldn't be too much more code!

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Will these banner ads be displayed throughout the forums or just in Nexus? What about additional payment gateways like 2checkout? I would love to purchase Nexus but would have to be able to use a gateway supported by my country like 2checkout.

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