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IP.Nexus Dev Update: Customer Page

In previous blog entries, we've talked about various things the user can do: generate and pay invoices, purchase packages, have custom packages, purchase advertisements, file support requests, etc. IP.Nexus features a centralised customer page from which you can view all the data the user has made.

This is what it looks like:

The buttons you see along the top allow you to send the user an Email, view the customer's history (which shows a chronological log of actions made to the user account, even if items have been deleted, discussed in more detail here) or go to the IP.Board edit member page.

Wherever a member name is mentioned in the Nexus part of the Admin CP, it will link to this customer page. You can also access this customer page from the IP.Board edit member page via a link in the "Actions" dropdown menu.
You can also search for a customer in the Nexus Admin CP.


This box shows the customer's account details. You can edit these by pressing the edit button.

Alternate Contacts

This box shows all alternate contacts on the account and which purchases they are associated with. You can remove an alternate contact or manually add contacts.

For more information on alternate contacts, see this blog entry.


This box contains miscellaneous notes made by staff members on the account.
Staff members can (where they have permission) add, edit and delete notes.


This box contains all purchases the customer has made.
This will include items from the store, custom packages, IP.Downloads files, advertisements and any purchases made through third party applications.

The icon on the left indicates the type of purchase (mouse over will provide a text description). You can see when the item was purchased, and when it expires, and you can edit, cancel or transfer the purchases.
Purchases which have expired are highlighted amber, and purchases which have been cancelled are highlighted red.

If a purchase is associated with another purchase, it will display in a tree format.

For more information on managing purchases, see this blog entry.


This box shows all invoices that have been generated on the customer's account.
You can click on the invoice title to be taken to detailed information about the invoice, and can generate a new invoice by clicking the "Add Invoice" button.

For more information on managing and generating invoices, see this blog entry.

Support Requests

This box shows all support requests created under the customer's account.
You can visit the support request by clicking on the title.
The icon on the left uses the same icons as topics on the forums to indicate if you have read the support request and if you have posted a reply to it.

You can log a support request on behalf of the customer by clicking the "Log Support Request" button.

For more information on support requests, see this blog entry.


This box lists all members which have been referred by the customer (and only shows if there are any).
It also lists how much commission the member has earned from each, and the total commission earned.

For more information on referrals, see this blog entry.

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