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Two Calendar Requests

Nick Warcholak

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1. There doesn't appear to be anyway to swith the time to a 12 hour format w/ AM and PM instead of the 24 hour one on events. The former is much more intuitive for most of my members.

2. It doesn't seem like you can specify an event end time. This seems like a typical feature on other calendars.

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Guest CallieJo

Count my vote for the above suggestions, please. :thumbsup:

Here's our current issues when using the calendar for our business site:

Here's what it looks like:

1.) For our business site we need to be able to setup recurring events that start at 8pm and end at 3am (which would be the next morning). Currently we tried to setup a start time at 8pm instead of an all day event. We do not see 8pm shown anywhere to tell people the event starts at 8pm.

Event Date: 04-August 10 ends 31-August 15 (Recurring Event)

Content of our event is placed here...

Why does the start time not show? We will add the hours (start time and end time) in the content of the event ourselves for now. But, why have an option for a start time if the start time doesn't show up? I'm confused... 2.) When adding a time...if we put 08:00 the Wednesday event shows up on Tuesday. If we put 20:00, the Wednesday event shows up on Wednesday. Are we working with military time? Our event starts at 8pm and ends at 3am. 3.) Say the event happens every Wednesday indefinitely. We might change the wording of the event once a year if needed, but never the recurrence. If you look at the above quote in #1, it's quite confusing for the average user to understand the dates of the event and why. The event is not an all day event...it's actually our business hours for that weekday...with description of the specials and events for that night. It's not good to display that it ends at all for us. How can we change that without having to add the event one by one every week by hand instead of recurring until the highest possible year since there is no indefinite option?

Please consider the same or hopefully better possibilities as the vb calendar currently has (sorry for comparing, but we're use to the vb calendar even though it has some shortfalls).

For a business to use, the calendar needs some love....pretty please... :wub:

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Bump from here too. We have been using Calender Topics and making self explanatory texts to get along with the current calendar. Been posting and reading requesting for long asking for improvements to the Calendar - but it seems lots of other modules and new products have overtaken the Calendar very fast. But maybe that is because it is not a separate product.

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