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Download: Webber Enhanced v1.0


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File Name: Webber Enhanced v1.0
File Submitter: Im4eversmart_merged
File Submitted: 22 Dec 2006
File Category: Color-Theme Skins

Webber Enhanced for IPB 2.2.x


Based on the IPB 2.1 skin "Webber" submitted by Sam Granger.
Enhanced version by Im4eversmart


This is a blue skin based off of Sam Granger's 2.1 version. Almost all the gradients are brand new and many other things have been tweaked and changed. In this version, gallery, blogs, and the download manager are now supported. If you need any help you can email me at Im4eversmart@gmail.com


To install:
1) Go to your Admin CP, Look & Feel, Skins & Templates, Skin Import/Export
2) Import skin template ipb_skin-webber.xml
3) Import skin images ipb_images-webber.xml
4) Go to Skin Manager, select Webber Enhanced then Edit Settings
5) Under Image Options, change the image directory to style_images/webber

If you have upgraded from IPB 2.1.X and lower and still have an old version of the Webber skin installed, I recommend you remove it first before you install this version in order to prevent image directory conflicts.


Note: The skin's header is designed for people that have a lot of modifications installed. If you do not have a lot of modifications installed that add links to the Board Header and Footer, you can go to your ACP, Look & Feel, Skins & Templates, and then Edit Stylesheet (CSS Advanced Mode) for the Webber Enhanced Skin, find .ipb-top-right-link and .ipb-top-left-link and then change the 9px to 10px. This should make the links in the Board Header slightly larger.


All Invision Power Modules Supported (Gallery, Blogs, Download Manager)


Includes logo4.psd and a blank logo4.gif, along with the Freshbot font.


Demo: http://rhqclan.com/forum/index.php?s=&...=1&skinid=9



Known bugs: Component links are not displaying in board footer.

Click here to download this file


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