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Members connect, engage and unite in one centralized place.

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  • Fluid view

Display your forums using our legacy format.

Add images for a visually rich display.

Replace hierarchical forum views with a sleek view that collates topics from across a selection of forums.


React to members' comments with custom emojis.

Activity Streams

Customize your browsing experience that's unique to you. Sort by unread, author, time period, tags, follows and more.


Send private messages to individual or multiple members.

Screenshot of Messenger


Categorize content so it's easily discoverable and searchable.


Members' profiles display their avatar, header cover and latest activity.

Highlighted posts

VIP members and/or moderators can stand out with a unique look to their replies.

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Question & Answer Forums

Enable users to upvote the best questions and highlight the best reply to give better visibility.

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But wait... there's more!

  • Recommended Posts

    Shine a light on curated content.

  • Hot topics

    Topics that receive a lot of activity can be automatically marked as 'hot'.

  • WYSIWYG Editor

    Utilize the Internet's most powerful type tool.

  • Permissions and Private Forums

    You decide what Forums members and guests can or can't access.

  • Follow Forums and Topics

    Get notified as soon as new topics or replies are posted in areas which you're interested in.

  • Mod Cpanel

    Easily moderate content on your site using the Moderation Queue.

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