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  1. That's what happening now: Guests can't view profile so the Members Stats block doesn't show up to guests.
  2. As no one shared their landing page, just made a quick one using a few of the various blocks: https://www.sosinvision.com.br/ The usage is pretty simple: 1 - Choose a block among the option you have (more apps, more blocks): 2 - Configure each block according to their settings. The following example is for the Topics block: It's done. You can also reorder the blocks: Then you just need to set Landing Page as default app: Btw, you can choose which user groups will be able to view each topic. Still, it checks the content for the block. I mean, if you choose MEMBERS block and you set Guests to not view profiles, then the Members block will not show up to guests.
  3. I’ll send you a PM when I start to work on this app.
  4. What's New in Version 1.0.3: Compatibility version with Tabbed Forums Index.
  5. Ok, I misunderstood. I’ll take a look during the day.
  6. Can be the 2 things there you mentioned.
  7. This message is related to the marketplace itself, not from the app. Submit a ticket to IPS and when the support says to you to come back to me, ask them to provide any error log saying that this is related to my app. Saying this because it's happening often and this is a marketplace issue.
  8. This is a very common “mistake” on this resource. As this is an app now, I’ll add a tool to grab country flag from all members on a background task and will also run it when installing the resource so it will show up the flags to everyone after install.
  9. It’s enough to the user browse any page or your community. The country will be picked if he’s a group you selected in the settings.
  10. Actually it won’t pick the country automatically but it keeps showing the flags. Users can also choose a country manually in Account Settings.
  11. Did you deleted any category/forum that’s part of any tab? It should check if it’s available but it seems it doesn’t. Check your tabs to remove what you have deleted and remove it from the tab. After that it will work. You can also run the support tool to get the CSS back if it still insists. I’ll make some tests and upgrade it to avoid such error, if I can reproduce it.
  12. Search for $event->title. First is for the grid view and second for the carousel.
  13. The resource will redirect you to the article post screen with the ability to change the title and description. Change if you want. By changing it will not change the topic. They're two different things now. There's no bug there.
  14. This is one of the features of the following resource:
  15. Not sure I understand, but take a look at this: It will display forums based on user language. Forums app only.
  16. In file description; Notes: It will add a new display option in the index if you allow members to choose forum view type A second line of tabs will show up if you have many root categories. The less the better. You better not use the ROOT CATEGORIES and create a custom tab with more than one category in it.
  17. Quick fix: open the landingpage -> front -> main -> calendarEventsBlock template and find: <h2 class='ipsType_reset ipsType_large ipsType_blendLinks'> Change to: <h2 class='ipsType_reset ipsType_large ipsType_blendLinks ipsTruncate ipsTruncate_line'> It shows twice. Change in both. Save. Definitive fix in a future version, when I'll take a look at your suggestions. 👍
  18. The only thing it does and can be compared with Pages is blocks. Still not a fair comparison. In this app you choose predefined blocks. Pages is way more powerful because you can create your own blocks. It has a lot of other features and it’s always better to be supported by the 1st party. On the other hand, if you have no interest in create pages or databases (crud basically), I wouldn’t buy Pages but that’s just me.
  19. What's New in Version 1.1.1: New block: Youtube embed videos Added support to Calendar Added support to Blogs Added support to Raffles System Added support to Tutorials Added support to Links Directory Added support to Quizzes Added support to Staff Applications System Added support to Books Added support to Movies Added support to Games Added support to Music Script optimization
  20. What's New in Version 1.1.7: Fix messages being duplicated all over the time when you changed the message order on chatrooms Added ability to use Admin CP Restrictions on ACP Chat Application pages Rework in templates Convert several hard coded string into language bits Script optimization Changes in background to meet new marketplace rules
  21. Let me know and ask him to contact me if it's something in the Quizzes app. 👍
  22. Just replied your PM. There's a plugin in conflict with it. It extends the globalTemplate; I'm not sure what it does but it is preventing the JS from Sticky Notes to work, that's why it doesn't show. Info in the PM.
  23. You mean the blocks (for sidebar, top or bottom)? I just checked and this app doesn't has widgets. Which ones do you missi? I should work on this app soon and I'll take a look when it's time.
  24. Karina, I really think you're not ready to make it; you can mess things there. You better wait for IPS to reply in your ticket.
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