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  1. Hello. Here: https://invisionbyte.ru/ideas Hi, 1) https://invisionbyte.ru/forums/topic/919-pozhertvovaniya-za-posty/ 2) When you browse a topic, you see posts. This is a common topic. 3) No, not planned yet 😉
  2. Hello, there are no further development plans yet. Perhaps I will include your request in the next version.
  3. The new version is pending approval: Added anonymous voting. Ability to vote negatively. Highlighted the support theme button. Ability to create and change statuses. Fixed some bugs.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    FreeKassa.ru - accepting payment on the community by cards. And also by electronic money, through Apple and Google Pay, and in other ways. Commission from 2.8% - only for successful payments.
  5. Can you post here or to me in PM your community URL?
  6. Perhaps in your case the url will be like this site.com/index.php?/tasks
  7. Hello, you can add an item to the menu in the ACP > Menu Manager > Add item > Tasks, or just go to the url: site.com/tasks
  8. It will be reviewed in the next release, thanks.
  9. Support topic for Ideas app:
  10. Admin CP → System → Applications → Task Manager → Module Task boards → Permissions
  11. Support topic for Task Manager Application!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    The Telegram Notifications application is intended for users to receive instant notifications in Telegram on all Invision Community events: Achievements, Moderation, Mentions & My Content, Followed Content, Messenger, Profile, Newsletter, Event Reminders, File Updates. You can configure which groups will be able to set up notifications in Telegram for themselves, as well as which types of notifications will be enabled / disabled by default.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Bitcoin payments for Invision Community. Integration with the Blockchain.com service allows you to integrate Bitcoin payments into the Commerce application. When choosing a payment method through the Blockchain, the user will be automatically issued a BTC address and the amount in bitcoins that he must pay to this address. The integration also includes 4 widgets: Bitcoin statistics A summary of Bitcoin network statistics for the previous 24-hour period. The widget shows up-to-date data, for example, the cost of bitcoin, the size of the commission, how much was mined, etc. Bitcoin converter You can select the currency and convert the x value in the specified currency to BTC. In the widget settings, you can select specific currencies that will be available for conversion. Current value of 1 BTC The widget will display the cost of 1 Bitcoin in the currencies selected in its settings. Address balance You can check the balance of any BTC address, just paste it into the field and click the Check button.
  14. Version 1.0.4


    Task Manager for Invision Community. Allows users with access to create boards, columns, and task cards. You can change the status of tasks, as well as assign them to specific users, who will receive a notification after assignment and more. Boards In the ACP, you can create an unlimited number of task boards. Each board can have its own description. The board card contains information on how many columns, tasks and editors it contains. The board has an activity section where all user actions are recorded. Columns Columns of tasks exist in a specific board and contain cards (tasks). Each column has its own name and highlight color. Columns can be swapped on the fly using Drag-and-drop technology. Columns can only be created by board editors, and you can add an unlimited number of them. Task cards The card has its own name, description, background color and cover. Cards can be swapped on the fly using Drag-and-drop technology, as well as transferred between columns. Cards (tasks) can be assigned to other users. After assigning a task, the user will receive a notification. He will also be able to change the status of the card.
  15. Hello, can someone give me access to the acp to investigate the problem?
  16. Hello, I checked the work on the test site - it works correctly. Step by step, the setup looks like this: Send to Botfather: /newbot and give it a name. Next, it will ask for the name of the bot. For example: site_bot. Next /setdomain to Botfather and enter the name of the site, for example: https://site.com Copy bot name and HTTP API.
  17. Hello, You have not specified or specified incorrectly Client Secret (API key) in settings.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    QIWI Wallet Payment Gateway for Commerce in Invision Community. Allows you to set up payment acceptance using the QIWI wallet.
  19. Version 1.0.6


    The Ideas app for Invision Community allows your users to add ideas to various categories. Any users can vote to promote the ideas they like. Administrators can mark ideas as completed. Features: Creating categories. Custom fields in various categories. Displaying fields in two different places: below the title and below the description. Enable / disable the display of the sidebar with categories when viewing an idea. Indexpage Tabs: newest, popular and completed Ideas. Ajax voting for ideas. The ability for administrators to mark ideas as completed. Commenting on ideas.
  20. Version 1.0.1


    The application integrates Yandex.Webmaster into your community on Invision Community. The main page displays all the most basic information about the site - the number of critical errors and recommendations, SQI, page indexing chart and sitemap files. Sitemap A sitemap will help speed up the indexing of your website pages, and also prevent the Yandex robot from skipping indexing pages that are important to you. Upload a new sitemap. Remove old card. View information and the number of errors in the file. External links One of the important parameters of any site. Track the dynamics of acquiring new external links directly from the ACP. Data table. A special section in the admin center contains a table with data: how and where the external link is from and where, as well as the date when this link was noticed by the Yandex search robot. Sorting and Searching. You can sort the data in the table by the date it was found, and also quickly find links by source. External link history. View a convenient graph of the history of changes in external links to the site with the ability to select a time period. Search queries The 'Search queries' section will show you the top popular queries for which your site is shown in Yandex search. The table contains the number of impressions / clicks of a particular request and its average position. History of requests. For each key request, you can track the dynamics of clicks and impressions for a certain time. So you can understand how your community is progressing for specific keys. Site diagnostics Get diagnostic reports on the health of your site in real time. There are 4 types of reports, which differ in their importance: Fatal errors, critical problems, possible problems and recommendations. And other Notifications. You can configure the receipt of notifications for a specific event, for example, when a site parameter is changed or when a critical error occurs on the site. History of SQI. Track the Site Quality Index and view the history of its changes. You can also download the history of SQI for a certain period of time in CSV format. Broken links. Control the broken links of your site! The table shows the source page of the broken link, where it leads, and the date the link was discovered by the robot. It's simple: fewer broken links - fatter plus for the site. Search pages. Some pages on your site may be excluded from the search. This section will show the latest indexing events, where in the table you will see the pages and their indexing status. Monitoring important pages. Certain sections or pages of your site may be of particular value to you. You can add them for tracking. This way you will receive a notification when the HTTP status of the page or its important Description and Title tags have changed. Re-indexing pages. You can send up to 130 pages for reindexing every day. For this, a special button has been created right on the site. This makes Yandex bots more likely to find out about your new or changed content.
  21. Version 1.0.2


    Your users will be able to reward the content of other users by paying an arbitrary amount to the YooMoney user's account. In addition, the application adds a payment gateway for paying for products and subscriptions in Commerce. Post Rewards Integration with YooMoney allows you to set up a simple and fast payment for posts, thus users can thank each other by paying for useful posts. Below the buttons for managing the post, a list with users who thanked for the post, their amount and the reason for gratitude will be displayed. Rewards Leaders The application adds a separate page with popular users who thanked the posts of other users the most, whose posts received the most thanks and popular posts that received the most thanks. Operations history In the YooMoney settings, the user can view the history of transactions in the wallet, as well as information about the status and type of his account. You can activate the setting for displaying the wallet number and its balance in the information about the author in posts. Notifications Every time a post receives a reward, its author is notified about it. Widgets You can place on any page of your site a block with the top users who thanked the most for the posts. Settings You can control which groups can reward, whose posts can receive a reward, oblige to fill in the reason for the reward, and much more.
  22. Version 1.0.2


    The application will add the ability to set up authorization on your community using the Telegram bot. To configure you need to create a bot and assign community url address. Bot setup instructions.
  23. Hello, we are a developers team from Russia, we are engaged in the development of applications and design for Invision Community. We have developed and constantly support localization for Invision Community into Russian language. We have developed payment gateways for most payment systems popular in Russia, as well as integration of payment solutions with many Russian banks and more. We also communicate and respond to our Russian community. Contact for help and write to us by mail, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.
  24. Hello, our file is currently added and is awaiting approval. You can contact any author of the application and directly ask about the terms and plans for updating the application, I think no one will refuse you an answer.
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