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Introducing Invision Community’s newest Customer Service member: Gary

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Invision Community is growing! We are excited to welcome a new team member to our Customer Service team so we can better serve you!

Please help me welcome …🥁@Gary!

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Gary has been a long-time fan and user of Invision Community. We are excited to have his experience and fresh perspective on our team. 


This is what he had to say…


Share with us why you wanted to join the Invision Community team.

I have been a huge fan of forum software and creating websites in general for so many years and stumbled upon Invision Power Board whilst I was still in high school (circa 2004-2005). The first forum I created was on Invisionfree (that brings back so many good memories!) and I remember creating so many different types of communities. I registered an account at Invision Community in 2007 and always dreamed of creating a successful community, but finding a niche proved to be very difficult. Last year there were positions advertised at Invision Community, and whilst I was not successful then, I decided to apply again for the more recent ad and was pleasantly surprised when I heard back from the team: persistence is key! Personally, forums have always been a passion and hobby of mine, and to be able to spend time on them in an official capacity is such an amazing opportunity and I thought I could bring something new and fresh to the Invision Community family.


What excites you about this role?

Aside from having a passion for customer service and helping the community in whatever capacity I can, I am most excited about the freshness I can bring to the community. I am an advocate of working collaboratively internally and externally and I am really excited to see what Invision Community has in store for us all to maintain its standing at the forefront of modern community software.

Gary, we are so excited to have you! Welcome to the team! 🎉


Please join us in welcoming Gary in the comments.

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Thank you @Olivia Clark and the community for such a warm welcome!

It really is a pleasure to be here on the best forum software there is on the internet today. From the good old Invisionfree days, never would I have thought I'd be part of such a knowledgeable and effective team.

I'm really excited for what the future holds for Invision Community (and Invision Power Services in general) and I'm glad to be on this journey with you all.

18 hours ago, Randy Calvert said:

Sucker…. Err I mean hello there and welcome!!   😄 

Haha, thanks mate.

17 hours ago, Miss_B said:

I am happy to see that Invision Community is growing!  A very warm welcome and congratulations to @Gary on getting hired by Invision. 😊

It really is @Miss_B and thank you very much for the warm welcome!

17 hours ago, abobader said:

Welcome @Gary 

I am sure a hard time from us for support you will soon face 🙂

And I'm ready and will do my absolute best to assist where I can, @abobader. Where I lack skills or knowledge in some places, I excel in others, so I hope I can be of benefit to everyone I deal with.

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