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Invision Insight: It's December already...

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Welcome to this week's Invision Insight!

We are getting so close to the silly season and whilst things may be slowing down for 2022, we are so excited for what is to come in 2023!

I am really enjoying the engagement from everyone lately and I want to take this opportunity to give you some confidence or relief, whichever is more relevant. Any feature suggestions, bug fixes or reports are all actively read and reviewed, and whilst I cannot promise every single thing will be implemented, it is definitely noticed and appreciated by the team. I thought it a good idea to address this having seen a few comments on Invision Community regarding not getting an answer to your topics. We will always do our best to reply to everyone and everything as they come up.

On other news, how are you all enjoying the FIFA World Cup?  What team/s are you supporting?

Do you have any travel plans over the Christmas and New Year break?

New Version

On 29 November, Invision Community released their most recent version of the software, 4.7.5.

As I mentioned last week, this release is the last one for 2022. We thank everyone for your support this year and can't wait to introduce some exciting new features in 2023. It's definitely going to be a very good (and busy) year!

Please ensure your communities are up to date to take full advantage of our product suite.

Please click here to read up on the full release notes.

Upcoming Event

The December Year in Review chat happened yesterday, and what a great job the team did communicating what we delivered in 2022, as well as providing an insight into what can be expected for the new year.

@Olivia Clark, @Charles and @Matt, you are all a wealth of knowledge and I'm sure I'm not the only one that is overly excited for 2023! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Check out this topic to discuss the event, otherwise you can catch the video below in case you couldn't make it live!


Here's what the dev team have been working on over the last seven days:


Fixed an issue where deleting previous versions generated a template error.
Fixed an issue with searching events by current location.
Fixed an issue where images in search results were not grouped for lightbox.
Added Twitch & Discord to list of theme Social profiles.
Fixed an issue where predefined tags can throw an error on the Tags form on PHP8.
Fixed an issue where the Editor > Stock Replies table search did not work in the AdminCP.
Added password resets to administrator logs.
New constant 'DEBUG_HOOKS' will log any errors thrown by a hook before executing the parent method.
Fixed an issue where word expansions were replacing phrases in the middle of a word.
Removed deprecated 'files' data from Downloads File REST API response, use /download endpoint instead.
Removed an unused cloud setting for max download speed.

See you in the community and next week right here for another Invision Insight! I look forward to hearing from you all!

Thank you everyone! 🦘

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