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Invision Insight: Debut!

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Welcome to the very first Invision Insight, hosted by yours truly! 😎

I'm excited to connect with you each week to share what's happening inside Invision Community. For those that haven't yet seen me making my way around this community, I'm Gary, and I have just recently joined the Customer Service team at Invision Community.

We are currently working hard to close out our 20th year in business on a high note!

There are still so many things to look forward to before the year is done though, and I wanted to give you all a few things to keep your eyes out for. It truly is a testament to the hard work, motivation and dedication of the entire team, and we thank each and every one of you for your contributions, suggestions, feedback and overall engagement within the Invision Community space. We have you to thank for the past 20 years, and we hope to still bring you a dynamic community platform for the next 20 (and beyond)!

New Version

Invision Community have released their most recent beta, 4.7.5 Beta 1.

This release is our December release and focuses mainly on providing bug fixes and improving stability in the software. This will be our last release for the year as we prepare ourselves for some new features in 2023!

Please click here to read up on the full release notes.


Earlier this week, I posted my first blog entry providing insight on how keeping it simple provides the best experience for the users of your community. It would be awesome if you could check it out if you obviously haven't already done so!

This makes up the first of a mini-series of blog entries I have planned, so stay tuned to read more in the next few weeks.

Upcoming Event

Want to hear from Olivia, Charles and Matt as they discuss what we have delivered this year? How about getting your eyes on the roadmap and what we have planned for next year? Join us for this very special December Release and Year in Review Chat, due to kick off in just a week's time!

It'll be 2:30 am my time, but I'll try my best to be there too!


And just to keep you all in the loop, and because we know you love what our outstanding development team are doing each week, I thought I'd steal @Jordan Miller's idea (😈) in providing you all with a list of updates and fixes made to Invision Community in the last seven days:


- Fixed an issue where Guests could access the Activity Streams when guest access was disabled.
- Fixed a class not found error when viewing Pages Records.
- Fixed a potential issue when de-authorizing member devices when using Redis.
- Fixed an issue where a user could not renew a cancelled subscription when the site forces all users to purchase subscriptions.
- 4.7.6 added to changelog.
- Fixed an issue where the sitemap could contain a link to a database category for a database which doesn't use categories.
- Removed the unused "core_image_scanner_logs" database table.
- Removed profile tab image view preferences for guests to make it consistent with other areas where preferences can't be saved.
- Fixed an uncaught TypeError exception when viewing badly formed Events URLs.
- Fixed an issue where predefined tags can throw an error on the Tags form on PHP8.
- Fixed an issue with links to calendars when the default view was not set to overview.
- Improves performance of alerts list.

See you in the community and next week right here for another Invision Insight! I look forward to hearing from you all!

On a side note, if you have any ideas for future Invision Insight content, I'm all ears! Feel free to send me a private message if you don't want it mentioned publicly.

Thank you everyone! 🦘

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Thank you, @Dll! I thought it was a space that I could try and keep alive considering there was quite a bit of support and interest in it. Not to mention being a good place to get a general overview of things happening with Invision Community.

I don't think anyone could ever replace Jordan's flair!

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