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  1. Thankfully this fantastic plugin is still working on 4.6 Is there any plans to keep updating this plugin?
  2. Thank you. That must be why I was experiencing this issue.
  3. I re-installed your software to check if this is still a problem that persists and yes the issue is still the same. The software does hide the posts of the "global ignored" poster from view but if there are 2 pages of posts in a thread and you take out the globally ignored posters posts from that thread making the thread only 1 page in length the thread will still show everyone that it is 2 pages but produce an error when they go to the second page. The software is somewhat successful but the error messages make the user experience annoying and make users question why. When an admin manually hides a post from view the post count and thread post/page count is adjusted and no error messages appear. This software needs to do the same. I would not be complaining if the software was free but I did pay $15. I'm not asking for money back and the software is needed and has a lot of potential. I just can't use it in it's current form and I hope you are able to fix this issue that is still around.
  4. @Miss_B I purchased this and it works as advertised with one exception. If the offender's post in a thread is hidden from view and then the thread goes on to the next page. Non-Admin posters will see that there is a new page but when they go to click on the page they are shown an error that says: Sorry, there is a problem There are no posts to show Error code: 2F173/L Admin's will see the last post in the thread on the new page but because there is 1 post hidden from view to everyone else to them there should only be 1 page worth of posts but they are seeing that there is a second page and when they attempt to go to that page they are shown the error. Are you aware of this behaviour?
  5. This is still happening. I realize it's not an IPS issue and is Twitter's issue but still annoying.
  6. This plugin does not work for me. Once installed and then trying to ignore a post or quotes it has a Error code: EX1054.
  7. I did submit a ticket and they have fixed this issue that their lastest update broke. I've purchased it now. Thank you.
  8. Is there a widget that excludes the say 3 most recent topics in a subforum?
  9. Hi, Trying to purchase this but it is giving an error message saying, " Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2D161/K " Any ideas why it I am unable to purchase this?
  10. Is there any way for the link (for posts tab) to take a guest to the first post in a thread instead of the last post in a thread? EDIT: I upgraded the app and it is now an option. Thanks. Keep up the good work with this!!!!!
  11. This does not work for me either.
  12. I have the recent posts set to only show one post per topic and also set for it to go to the last read post. This is fine when someone logs in as it goes to the last unread post by that user. When you aren't logged in it defaults to the last post in the thread. Is there a way to have the option for it to default to the first post in the thread? Awesome app BTW. I purchased it awhile ago but the latest updates have made it great. I'll also echo a previous poster who suggest to make an option to only disable one of the tabs ie: only have recent posts or recent topics.
  13. I agree with this. I don't think my members should have to input their addresses if they are just using paypal to pay for a subscription. I have had users tell me that they were going to subscribe but did not want to give "me" their name and address. Not that they don't trust me they just don't think it's necessary and neither do I.
  14. Anyone finding formatting text on the iPhone almost impossible? If you copy and past large text into the editor and then want to resize the text to a normal size it is impossible to do it. When you select and highlight the text and then use the Font or Size in the editor to change the formatting it stops highlighting the text you want to change making it impossible to change. Am I missing something here? Is there another way to do this?
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