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Invision Insight: 4.7.8 Beta 1 and first preview of Live Topics!

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Welcome to this week's Invision Insight!

The changelog has had a significant hit this week with bug fixes by the amazing dev team, and a special thanks to @Ehren for all the amazing UI changes! The majority may go unnoticed by the odd individual, but it has definitely made things look so much nicer.

We have had a very productive week and ran a live preview of Live Topics right here on Invision Community! 🥳 More on that below.


Live Topics

In a nutshell, Live Topics is a hosted live chat and question and answer event that is converted into a forum topic upon completion. Check out the blog post below for more info!

And if you were one of the lucky few to participate, the IPS Team came together to give a live preview of this new feature; the very first time Live Topics has been shown and used by our community. Check it out and give us your feedback.


New Beta Version

Invision Community 4.7.8 Beta 1 is here, bringing you an array of improvements for your communities!

For those of you interested in trying it out, please follow the steps below. There are instructions for both Invision Community Platform and Classic clients.

Please ensure you backup your communities. It's better safe than sorry. 😉

For a full list of what's new, you can visit the official Release Notes.


Upcoming Event

A reminder on next month's March 2023 Release Chat.

There are quite a few questions coming through already which is great to see everyone, keep it up!





- Fixed an issue where hidden images may appear in profiles.
- Fixed an issue where share links were using http protocol instead of https.
- Added pagination to the Edit History screen.
- Show "Success" message above the form after a user changes their password.
- Removed unused photos_url ACP search keyword.
- Achievement badges and rank icons are no longer squashed in the Recent Achievements widget.
- Items in the "Our Picks" widget carousel no longer have a cropped border.
- Upgraded Google Fonts API to v2 with improved performance in improved font rendering.
- Redesigned the share/promote buttons so they sit on a single line on mobiles.
- Updated the background-color of some social icons to match their actual brand color.
- Sticky announcements will now always stick to the top of the window, instead of only being sticky within the header element.
- Widgets have received a UI polish, with a new alignment bugs solved.
- The alignment of topic prefix icons (pinned, features, etc) has been improved.
- Fixed an issue where tooltips could become very long. They now wrap text onto multiple lines when necessary.
- Fixed an issue where club pages would show members even if only set to show for Club Moderators.
- Fixed an issue where EXIF may not be completely stripped when the ImageMagick strip EXIF setting is enabled.
- Fixed an issue where hCaptcha challenges may not show on contact us dialog when another challenge exists on the page.
- Fixed an issue where the widget cleanup task could fail when the tasks were run via CLI.
- Fixed an issue where polls were not deleted when an application was uninstalled.
- Fixed an issue where saving widgets could fail.
- Breadcrumbs no longer truncate long titles. They will now wrap to a new line if necessary.
- Changed the recommended MySQL version to 5.7.8, this will be the minimum version in future.
- Fixed an issue that may occur when using search and MySQL read/write separation.


- Fixed a performance issue related to prefetching previous and next images.
- Removed the background on the landing title to be more consistent with other areas of the suite.
- Fixed an issue where sorting by date could duplicate images in the carousel.
- Fixed an issue where gallery video comment search results may show an error when no thumbnail is uploaded.


- Relocated the forum title in the forum grid UI for forums, resulting in better contrast.
- Simplified the UI of the expanded view while viewing a topic list.
- Post controls (Edit, Quote, etc.) are now always vertically aligned to the bottom of posts.
- Fixed an issue where "Users can choose best answer" in Questions forum was not being saved correctly.


- Fixed an issue where stats in the record list would overflow on mobiles.
- Added support for past dates in records.


- Fixed an issue where PayPal Subscription task may throw an error if a customer doesn't have any subscription.
- Fixed an issue with Stripe where device (Apple/Google) payments may not work if transaction has a shipping address.


- Fixed an issue where attachments may not be properly cleared upon deletion.

Changes affecting third-party developers and designers

- Added more properties to the Polls API output.
- Fixed an issue during template compilation if a theme hook uses PHP mode and has a call to `parent::`.`\IPS\core\modules\admin\support\_support::getLogTables` to have it automatically checked in the support tools.

GraphQL, REST, Webhooks and Zapier

- Added a new `Members` GraphQL query which is able to return more than one member based on different criteria.
- A new GraphQL Query to return a list of clubs was added.

See you in the community and next week right here for another Invision Insight! I look forward to hearing from you all.

Thank you everyone! 🦘

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I'm finding it difficult to distinguish between the boldness of the text of an unread topic title and "unboldness" of the text of a read topic title. Could just be my eyesight though. There was more distinction prior.

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