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  1. Does it work? Yes. Can I do everything you do on Windows with it? Yes. Is it officially supported? No. And I guess it really comes down to how you value something. Beyond software updates and security patches, I don't expect support from Microsoft or Adobe. Never have. Even when I was using Microsoft Windows, I never expected support. Perhaps when I was a naive kid and didn't know what I was doing, I'd shoot an e-mail and inquire, but I often learned that technical support for programs was often lacking (generally speaking, from any company). Most of my inquires were easier resolved using a search engine. In 2021, that has only grown more truthful. I cannot presume to speak for everyone any more than you can. Still, for most people I know (including professionals), it comes down to those first two questions. Does it work, and am I limited in my compacity to use the product? Provided the answer is favorite, I don't care what the official stance is. It works, and I'm not limited. That said, I do apologize if you felt my viewpoint offended you. I was only sharing an expressed opinion and not trying to target anyone or insult anyone. It was a mix of random abstract thinking in the form of thought (off-topic, for sure). My original reply was even only meant to be a little dry humor (playing off the whole, everyone uses Mac comment). The topic was never meant to be serious, and I'm still not taking it seriously, beyond wishing to apologize if you felt it was offensive.
  2. Getting Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365 to work on Linux is so easy. They literally have guides that say, look how easy this is. πŸ˜‚ But I do not blame you for not knowing. Unless you got fed up with Windows (and I would not blame you if you did), most folks do not look into how easy things have become. As I said, the biggest hurdle today is folks are never eager to try new things. Instead, they learn what works, get set in their ways, and that's good enough for them until it isn't, which is why I presume you had no idea how easy it is to run Office on Linux. Folks recall how hard it once was and never looked back. And why should they? If things work for them, they tend to take the path of least resistance. Do people still use CorelDraw? It has been so long since I have known anyone who still uses CorelDraw, but I see they're still around (the latest release was 2 months ago). I'd argue that there are many better alternatives, not just on Linux but also on Windows and Apple. I'm uncertain about the current state of CorelDraw on Linux (I'm surprised it's still out there). CuteFTP can run on Linux. I just did it a moment ago. When it comes to small (little) apps such as CuteFTP, they are not an issue. But again, we're getting off-topic, and I can already imagine poor @Charles and @Jordan Invision wondering why we all keep talking about Linux. -- The answer is the interview was very thought out, and it didn't leave you with any questions. I did enjoy the video.
  3. Everything from Photoshop to AutoCAD can be made to run on Linux. As @abobader said, 25 years ago, anyone telling you that Linux was a suitable desktop was either 1) very tech-savvy and could overcome all the drawback -or- 2) was blowing smoke. A lot has changed in all that time. There are even ways now to get Apple products to run on Linux, such as iWorks, for example (pushing the ethics aside). I think the biggest hurdle today is folks are never eager to try new things. Instead, they learn what works, get set in their ways, and that's good enough for them until it isn't. Linux came onto the ground floor when Windows took off, and Apple was in its first golden age. When Linux first came through the gates, it looked more like a DOS screen than an acceptable point and click interface. Now that Linux has caught up, folks are mostly already sold on what they know, and it will be that way for a bit longer until one of the giants continues to rub folks the wrong way. But we are most certainly getting off-topic. Congratulations to Invision on celebrating 20 years.
  4. Mac OS is arguably a UNIX system, so you're partly there. Come to the dark side; we have cookies and milk. πŸ˜…
  5. Exactly. It has become nearly just as easy as Windows. You can install Linux just as easily and quicker than you install Windows. It is now possible to play games on Steam without knowing how to configure anything. I watch Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Paramount+, Starz, and YouTube with any web browser. In 2021, LibreOffice now has more options than Microsoft Office and allows me to open, edit, save, and print any document made on Windows, Apple, or Linux. I can work from home using Linux, making video calls, and attending meetings. I also bank online, trade, invest, sell, and buy things while on Linux. Connect devices using "plug and play," WiFi, or Bluetooth. Install and update nearly any app, including the whole OS; without knowing how to use the terminal, just point and click. No blue screen of death. No sudden system freezes. No viruses (although you can install an anti-virus if it gives you peace of mind, I still do). No hanging system resources. No sudden reboots. No long waiting load times. It does not matter if you are using the newest computer or a computer 10+ years old; it will run Linux. And if, by some random chance, you do install a lousy program, it does not take your whole system with it (unlike Windows). That is the big problem with Microsoft Windows. The countless computers I fixed for family and friends often resulted from something small, trivial, and seemingly unimportant, unintentionally interacting with everything else, causing a world of problems in Microsoft Windows. But not in Linux. Linux is so helpful, powerful, flexible, and adaptable most of The Internet, nearly every website you visit and use today is hosted on Linux, including here, Invision. And if you are reading this on an Android phone, Congratulations, you are already using Linux (Android is a modified Linux distribution). Lastly, the cost to use and install Linux? $0.00. It is free. No subscription fees. No renewal cost. No activation. It is open-source. Anyone, even YOU (reader, whoever you are), can download and install Linux.
  6. I will be perfectly content with nearly any editor outside of CKEditor. It feels worth repeating, but both v4 and v5 I find inadequate for both the front end and back end, so nearly anything would be an improvement. As you pointed out, and as others have noted, changing to v5 or any other editor will be a significant change regardless (either way). While CKEditor would argue that v5 was a near rewrite or complete rewrite (I forget which), it's still more or less the same editor by the same development, making many of the same mistakes (and issues). That is too bad because I did buy into all the hype three (3) years ago (2018) when they release v5. But I digress. I do like your alternative viewpoint. The idea of making it so the system was "plug and play." If you could swap out the editor as nearly as easily as you could an add-on, that would indeed be impressive. While I did initially say, I have no particular personal preference beyond just replacing CKEditor. If I could have my pick, I would likely jump onto Redactor Editor.
  7. A cooling period would be best if it did happen automatically, but only after "X" many days, and they had the option to cancel beforehand. That would give the members time to cool off and change their minds or commit to their choice. Ideally, not requiring staff involvement would be preferred (in my opinion).
  8. The request was to include this into the core and away from 3rd party. πŸ˜‰ It would be perfectly acceptable for this to be a feature that the admin could enable or disable, thoughβ€”allowing you to decide what you believe is best for your community.
  9. I assumed the permission would have been available when you clicked on to edit the group. Little details, eh? lol πŸ˜‰
  10. Thank you both @Nathan Explosion and @Square Wheels for your help.
  11. πŸ€” That's worded in an odd way. But OK. -- Thank you. But in the guest group, where is the option to allow you to post? I see no option in /?app=core&module=members&controller=groups > Guest
  12. I wish for the option (in a future release) to allow members to delete their own accounts. As easy as it is for someone to join, they should also have the option to leave. When doing so, their content should be reassigned as "guest."
  13. I wish for the option (in a future release) to allow guest posting. In our modern age, when I say 'forum,' many younger adults roll their eyes and envision a lengthy registration process so that they can post their thoughts and opinions. I have the experience of growth and productivity by allowing guests to post, who often join after, having already enjoyed the experience of my community (risk-free). I believe this option would benefit others.
  14. I wish for the option (in a future release) to disable any and all IP address logging. In 2021 folks change IP addresses as easily as opening a new browser window tab. I see no point, and it only slows down the site to resolve addresses while adding more to the database.
  15. I wish for the option (in a future release) to disable any and all outgoing e-mails from the system. Have you lost your password? Make a new account. Want to be notified? Log in and check your notifications. The ideal setup would be for there to be no outgoing e-mail at all. I notice there is already the option not requiring e-mail confirmation when registering (that's a good start).
  16. I found @Jordan Invision's secret admirer. 🀫
  17. Yes (both). πŸ˜‰ Generally, I envision something modern, updated regularly for both browser compatibility and fixes (including mobile use), and something that can be developed around reasonably effortlessly (both for Invision devs and 3rd party). CKEditor does not fit that bill. There are many alternatives, and I hope when Invision Community 5.0 is on the table, a new editor will be considered. As cool as I think that would be, I question how easy that would be to support. The consumer (you and I) would love it. But I cannot imagine Invison support would feel too good every time someone changed editors and discovered an issue. I imagine they would spend countless time trying to determine whether the problem was with their code or one of several editors and how and where the issue lay. But I do like the idea, even though I imagine it could be a nightmare for support. πŸ™ƒ
  18. A markdown editor would be an acceptable alternative https://stackedit.io/ demo: https://stackedit.io/app
  19. I am sure the handling of the privacy settings has not changed either, but that hasn't stopped my online status from changing on its own. With respect, bugs happen. They are not intentional, and no one means for them to come to pass. 4.6 is currently a public alpha here on the live support site. Before it reaches a public beta, I intended to be helpful and perhaps a little useful in tracking down all that I can. It is something I generally love doing during my free time (test pre-release software). Everyone has to have a hobby, right? I had presumed to do so (here) would be welcomed as it could aid in releasing a more stable product once completed. But I am gathering you see my request as a bit unusual, and I do apologize. Thanks for the follow-up. And as always, for your time and consideration. πŸ˜€
  20. The demo is not using 4.6. I checked before making my unusual request. πŸ˜‰
  21. Thank you for bringing this up. I completely agree. πŸ’‘ The ordeal from that particular development (Simple Machines Forums) was a nightmare. It is still a nightmare, and the development has been working on v2.1 for over a decade with no release in sight. I agree. Their efforts in trying to take on their own editor have more or less killed that development. I do not think anyone here has suggested that Invision try to do the same (nor should they). The suggestion was that Invision looks into deploying a different editor and has nothing remotely associated with asking them to develop their own. I don't think anyone would wish for that (I certainly would not). As you pointed out, CKEditor has, throughout the years, left a lot to be desired. I suggested that another editor be considered because I also have huge reservations about using CKEditor again in a project. When I started using CKEditor 5, I was hopeful. I bought into the hype that it was a redesigned editor built from the ground up. But that hope has dwindled and is long gone. Many of the issues I had with CKEditor, including its development phase and cycle, carried on. Because at the end of the day, it is still the same development by overall the same company with the same developers, making some of the same mistakes. Thank you for adding your thoughts on the matter. I am very grateful you brought that up. πŸ‘
  22. Please forgive the odd request, but if someone within the Invision would be so kind as to please active and then ban the user account @Banned-User-Test that would be most helpful. It is my sincere intention to test the community from a banned user perspective. I like to be thorough when testing a new product in development. Thank you in advance for indulging my particularly eccentric request.
  23. I use CKEditor 5 already on another development (outside of Invision). As an editor for user-generated content, it sometimes gets in the way and often in more ways than its competitors. I accept that no editor (or software in general) will be perfect. Issues happen. It is, as they say, 'an imperfect world.' But I have discovered through experience just how much more imperfect CKEditor can be. I am not going to tell you it is the worse editor on the market. But it is also not the greatest either, and I believe that opinion has gone well beyond just a personal preference. I continuously receive comments and issues from users about the editor, notably how it will render vastly differently between mobile browsers and browser versions excessively. This wouldn't be so bad if we did not have to wait months for updates. Experiencing issues that can last months on the internet is painful. On average, 2-4 months between patch fixes. https://github.com/ckeditor/ckeditor5/releases and https://ckeditor.com/cke4/release-notes Add in the fact that a development like Invision needs to test these patch fixes before releasing them. And you have another 1-2 months on top of your wait (for an average of a 3-6 month turnaround). When you compare CKEditor's release cycle to Redactor, for example, which releases a patch between 1-2 months (sometimes every few weeks), you begin to understand that a more active and modern development will experience less of a turnaround. Even when incorporating the time used by a development like Invision to test things out on their end. https://imperavi.com/redactor/log/ I absolutely agree. When looking for an editor for articles written by admin, we can do better. But I also believe when looking for an editor for user-generated content, we can also do better than CKEditor. An editor should go largely unnoticed and be simple and easy to use, as you have said. I agree. On the surface, one would assume that should be true for CKEditor. But from experience, it (CKEditor) is what often gets in the way, and the resolves are few and far between.
  24. As long as these features are optional and can be disabled, I'm happy to hear they are there for those who want and need them.
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