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  1. I might be blind and I wanna add points for posting a file on Downloads, but everything I see is just when a comment is added. Am I doing it wrong? Or is something that still needs adding edit; I saw just now that 'When a comment/reply is posted' but I can't find the category where an item is posted, a topic/thread.
  2. Hello, I think I've waited enough for you to accept my friend request on Steam, where you said that you will offer support. After 5 servers that work correctly, when I add the sixth I get the following error: The 6th server is added, but offline. It's the same host as other 4 out of 5 servers that work. @devu4
  3. @SCE_Ghostthat's the other server list that's on marketplace. You need to search 'multi-game servers list' to find this one. @devu4 I've add you on Steam because I have a problem and a question. Thanks.
  4. Any update? At the moment you can't buy any of the server lists.
    It's really good for a gaming community with a lot of servers, the administrator doesn't have a lot of forums to create with this plugin and every server owner can personalize his category.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Swiper Slider 1.0 SwiperSlider is a powerful touch slider, now can be easily integrated with Invision Community 4.5.x. You can customize the slider in different ways: change the height of the slider; add as more slides as you want between 1 slide and 6 slides; add custom background image to slide; add a link to your slide; you can disable the slider at any time and any slide you want; you can enable looping and your sliders will repeat indefinitely. 🥳 you can enable auto scrolling and your users won't have to move a finger to read the next slide; you can set a custom speed for slider in milliseconds; you can add pagination or navigation in the slider to switch slides with a click; you can add a custom margin for the slider; you can set any text you want as button in the slider; you can add any url link for slide's button; More features will come in a future update.
  6. I didn't see that, my bad. Thanks.
  7. Ok, I don't know if I did something wrong, but in ModCP for me doesn't appear any application, but in ACP appear that I have 3 applications unanswered. ACP: https://imgur.com/a/CIQjLqY MCP: https://imgur.com/a/45ACtxc And in Permissions my group is checked as 'Manage Submissions', or I just don't know how to use this.
  8. Ok, i get it, but now i can't even access the application i paid for in the old account, thats seems just fine. Thanks for your responses.
  9. That account is empty, I bought everything and I needed to transfer everything. IPS support said I should speak with the creater of the plugins.
  10. So, I bought the license from a friend, but before that I could use it and I bought some of your applications, I have the payment proof, how can I add it on this account?
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