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  1. Christforums

    Support Topic for Enhanced Forum Views

    Note: I edited the XML (then reuploaded it) and just replaced the two instances for medium with mini regarding the avatar sizes. Now it looks like it is a matter of CSS. to get rid of some of the wasted spacing. .EFV_avatar { height: 0 !important; } You can see here the results: https://www.christforums.com/forum/58-bible-inspiration-and-translations/
  2. Christforums

    Support Topic for Enhanced Forum Views

    I'd like an option for smaller avatars so the spacing issue isn't so apparent.
  3. Christforums

    Behemoth Theme [ support topic ]

    I noticed in the latest update that a single slide does not repeat sliding. Just like to compliment you Taman on this as I use a single slide for signed in members and multiple slides for guests. Great job, I love this theme!
  4. Christforums

    Support Topic for Enhanced Forum Views

    Hi Opentype, Do you have a demo? I think if I understand your product that you have implemented what I had on my homepage forums: https://www.christforums.com/ The avatars were removed and the last column that displayed last post information etc? If what you made will make my Behemouth template look the same but way of plugin rather than stripping code etc from forum templates I'll purchase your product. Thanks in advance for answering my questions. CF Note: I purchased it for the big avatars in topic listing. I already modded my home page but in the future I think this may be a time saver if I run multiple templates.
  5. Christforums

    Video Directory

    I notice that when posting a link to a category the link does not auto embed. It would be nice if it did. Also it would be nice to be able to click a video and see it on a sole page to be able to rate and review etc. Just some friendly suggestions to make the product much better 🙂 https://www.christforums.com/videodirectory/ Example: If I post the link it only appears as a link rather than embedding.
  6. Christforums

    (DF41) Enhanced User Info Panel (Support Topic)

    Why is it that my current version shows 2.0.8 but newest download is 2.0.7? Am I special?
  7. Christforums

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Any suggestions for myself @Adlago? Perhaps a dedicated thread to this? Here's my Gtmetrix: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.christforums.org/g79KOhGl And here's Yellowlab: https://yellowlab.tools/result/f7dlqnnz1s I would like to get my YSlow score higher! CF
  8. Christforums

    Links Directory

    Impressive knowledge of your product and Invision! It worked. Thanks!
  9. Christforums

    Lazy Load Videos (Support)

    Any way I could also get the patch to full size the videos?
  10. Christforums

    Links Directory

    Same error: 1S111/1 Class IPS\links\setup\upg_500032\Upgrade could not be loaded. Ensure it has been properly prefixed with an underscore and is in the correct namespace.
  11. Christforums

    Links Directory

    An error while trying to install:
  12. Christforums

    Default Photo per Group

    How do I find the group I'd? I'm wanting to change the banned member's group avatar. Note: please disregard, found it in the url.
  13. Christforums

    Links Directory

    I have the same issue with Screenshotmachine.
  14. Christforums

    Video Directory

    Any plans to make new videos display in the activity stream?
  15. Christforums

    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    @TheJackal84 resolved the issue for me and quickly. You may want to private message him to be sure he sees your support issue. If memory serves correctly he ran a mysql query which resolved the problem.