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  1. The memcached php plugin isn't compatible yet with php 7.2 or 7.3. I've been waiting contently for Cpanel to release it: https://forums.cpanel.net/threads/ea-8302-memcache-memcached-extensions-for-php-7-2-and-7-3.650631/
  2. I don't know why but my news letter subscribers are now receiving double email news letters at a time. That is, instead of receiving a single email they receive two duplicate emails at the same time.
  3. Was that the last version just released? If so, I upgraded the plugin, cleared cache, and also cleared cloudflare cache but the image with signature still isn't being shown with the new plugin. Here's an example page with link: https://www.christforums.com/forums/topic/20850-constantine-conspiracy-and-the-canon/
  4. I often see an error. Here's a link to the problem embed and a screen shot: https://www.christforums.com/forums/topic/20850-constantine-conspiracy-and-the-canon/
  5. Just attaching a picture of how the unsubscribe link now looks:
  6. Thanks, I'm referring to the final distribution that people are receiving including the test email I send to myself. @HeadStand it appears that my subscribers are not able to unsubscribe because the link only appears as *|unsubscribe|* in the final distribution they receive.
  7. Does your unsubscribe link work? Mine stopped after the update. Just displays as plain text rather than a link. *|unsubscribe|*
  8. I really get the impression that Invision has turned politically correct after the last two blog articles. Now we wouldn't want to offend nor not appeal to panzy millennials!
  9. Could someone help me rid of the avatar, screen name, date of the forum thread in all six superblocks on my homepage? Highlighted is what I'm trying not to display. The category though I'd like to display:
  10. Thank you for your thoughrough explanation!
  11. Any plans on implementing Lazy Load or are your services for hire because I consider this a desirable feature? I tried to contact you by private message but it appears that you do not accept private messages. I'd like whatever content including superblocks to utilize lazy load below the visual fold.
  12. Sorry, forgot to add that this is with newest version 4.2.4 compatible with 4.4. Edge shows the ckeditor fine, I'm only having the contrasting issue in Firefox.
  13. Having a little trouble with latest ckeditor and default editor template while using Firefox. The color contrasting is off. Any advice? I tried clearing my browser's cache.
  14. Unless I see 4.4 compatibility in the market place I'll assume it is not. No sense purchasing a product which hasn't been tested. I'm using Beta 4.4 and had disabled the News letter application and I also disabled this particular product. The scheduled crons were kicking back errors which resulted in a running lock in task manager. Granted this was with Beta 1 and I haven't tested after updating to Beta 4. Most of my applications weren't compatible with 4.4 as they created above errors or resulted in template errors and weren't accessible by front end. While I understand that 4.4 is only in Beta, I expect in the market place that if 4.4 is stated that it is indeed compatible and not assumed to be compatible by the developer. Just my thoughts.
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