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  1. Setup tutorial: After installing your plugin from within the ACP at General > Plugins you get back to the main url address where your board is installed and find this lil' guy and click on it: Then you should see a list of all your available widgets, either coming from apps or plugins, for this particularly example we are using Sidebar steam group ( this is the same for every widget ). Now you click on the black block with the name "Sidebar steam group" to open the list of widgets, it should look something like this: Now show drag and drop the grey block with the name and description of the widget you want too get into the sidebar and position it anywhere you'd like, should look something like this at this point: If you look at the right side of the above image, where our sidebar is positioned, you can see the "Sidebar steam group" widget, before the settings are done. Now to reach the settings of the widget, just press the Edit button and start completing the fields of the form that's on your screen 🙂 For details how to complete the form please check every file's description on the market. If there is something unclear still, don't hesitate to PM me. This was a brief tutorial for those you have no previous experience working with IPS4 widgets and works for any widget in most cases.
  2. This is the support topic sidebar discord server and sidebar steam group. Since they are small plugins I've decided to use this topic for both.
  3. puffysticks.

    crankychips. theme's support topic

    Sry, not used to manage projects like that since I'm fairly new. But yeah, site coming asap. Prolly done in 1 hour, at http://area-games.ro/demo. I'll come with an edit when it's ready anyway, if I can 🙂 @sirspider @Namo Apologies for the waiting! 😞 The demo is up for every one at http://area-games.ro/demo/. Demo account: Username: test, password: test
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    4.4: Animated GIFs


  6. Darkminded fella at work. Grinning cus prolly stole your lunch.


  7. This is the support topic for the crankychips. theme.
  8. Our goodies-bag just got expanded with a dashing brand new IPB Skin, all hot, straight out of the oven. you can find Crankychips right here


    Our steam and discord widgets also got a new feature that was asked for.

    Check 'em out here

    Sidebar discord server: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8915-pssidebardiscordserver/

    Sidebar steam group: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8914-pssidebarsteamgroup/


    You can also get in touch with us on

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/puffysticks/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/puffysticks/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/puffystickscom/



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    Version 1.2.0


    (1.)2.0 is here, no idea why we jumped to far but why not! http://area-games.ro/demo Demo account: Username: test, password: test Please pay attention to the ACP instruction while working with the slider! For the slider we chose let your work with JSON to allow you to add as many slides as you want! This is a example of JSON for your slider: { "Crankchips": { "text": "This is v1.0", "button": { "text": "Check this out!", "link": "https:\/\/www.puffysticks.com\/" } }, "Crankchips v2.0": { "text": "This is v2.0" } } This is a example of JSON code for a slider with 2 slides. The objects inside the first (main) json ( defined by an opened curly bracket => { ) must have this specific form: "Crankchips": { "text": "This is v1.0", "button": { "text": "Check this out!", "link": "https:\/\/www.puffysticks.com\/" } } "Crankchips": { "text": "This is v1.0", "button": { "text": "Check this out!", "link": "https:\/\/www.puffysticks.com\/" } } Where "Crankychips" is the title of the slide, and the object after the colon ( : ) are the properties of the slide, the first property is "text" which represents the content of your slide, the second property ( which is also an object ) is "button" which has properties too, those being "text" ( again but as property of the "button" object ) which represents the button text on which users will click to read more about your slide and the "link" property which represents the link where the users will be sent to when clicking the button. The title and property of every slide should be passed through an online JSON escape tool like this one! If you are one of the first 10 buyers contact us about a freebie. It's free!


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    Well man, to be fair, if you keep waiting for better hardware you'll never buy anything, I was exactly like you when I bought my 6700K, waiting for the next gen 7700K maybe it brings something way better, or AMD has something mindblowing ( which kinda had, Ryzen was and still is a big deal ) but at the end of the day the 6700K does all I need since I'm not yet a heavy user, you know just some web developing related stuff, even that not so sophisticated, and gaming with my friends kinda daily when I'm at home. The point is, just look at the market, search the one that fits your use for now, and just get it, anyway nowdays hardware is days ahead of software and any "highend" CPU will do just fine for some years.
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    I think these are just marketing things, as long as the MOBO manufacter advises that it's product works with the speed your RAM is advised it should just work. And for the past Ryzen gen ( 1700, 1800 ... ) I read that it's much better to use high frequency RAM and as the second gen ( 2700, 2700x... ) is just a refresh I suppose thats still the case. That being said, there is no MOBO that will run your RAM at that speed with put some BIOS tweaking ( advised as OC ), even my 2400MHz kit that I use ran at 2133MHz before I enablef the X.M.P from the BIOS.