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  1. We do not own those apps atm. But if we ever buy them sure thing.
  2. Oh well, I thought that's how it's intended to work, so that's how I built it, I just read your request again and indeed says posts... I will take a look into it for the next update. How do you want to "select" which posts to be automatically shared? The same as the plugin works now with topics, by categories? Or you should I give you and option when you create a topic to toggle the automatic share?
  3. It's been dealt with, please go ahead an download the new update. I'm sorry for it happening.
  4. Okey, I got what you are saying now @steadyoptions You need that for the next step which is enabling social media promotion on your board. Please check this guides out. And then you will understand, that what my plugin does, is simply to make use of your connected accounts to automatically share content from forums you chose. As of your members confusion problem, I'll be looking into a way to hide the login with twitter/facebook buttons by a setting of the plugin.
  5. Currently we don't even own commerce so the integration of Classifieds is kinda far out of sights. Sorry. 😞
  6. Nope, for the moment it only works with the Forums app. Also, currently I'm not aware of what Classifieds does for sure, I'll come back later with more details.
  7. The demo is back online if you are still interested 🙂
  8. Version 1.1.1


    This plugin enables your members to automatically share new topics from selected forums on your community's facebook / twitter page. This plugin makes use of the already integrated Facebook / Twitter handles in IPS4's core. Once they are set up you head over the plugin settings to handle the automation. To setup Facebook / Twitter handlers, go to ACP > System > Site Promotion > Social Media Promotion. From there you will be guided further by instructions displayed on each social media service's tab. If you require help trying to configure it please let us know 🙂


  9. Hi, at this time we are using that demo page for developing purposes on a plugin which we can't do on localhost, so the demo won't work for a few more days. We are sorry about this.
  10. Okey, so I got a response from the Staff. They are aware of the problem and working on it. If you are still interested of buying the plugin and can't wait for IPS to solve the marketplace problem, @EmpireKickass, we can sort it in private, please contact on social media and we'll handle the payment the old fashion way through PayPal 😄 and later generating you a purchase in the marketplace so you have access to future updates.
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