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  1. If it's a standard logo then that's what happens...you can size it up for your resolution, but it'll look different on a different resolution, for example on your smartphone. Using a smaller logo can help stop it looking ridiculously big on a smaller screen
  2. ​Another thing learned, every day is a school day
  3. I used member list to show total posts. I know you can get hooks to show the top 5 or so posters, but I used to like seeing how I compared to others when I joined a forum from new. I never used member list as an a to z.
  4. ​I didn't think you could log in with your display name? It's only the name that appears on the forum, it's not the username, which that or email address I thought you had to use to log in?
  5. I had the same problem the other day, it wouldn't let me sign in on my mobile saying my email address wasn't connected to an account. I thought my Invision account had been deleted until I got onto my PC and was able to sign in :)
  6. ​I thought the end of your day was more like this:
  7. ​Oh I didn't know that, I thought a staff member had to do it manually...that's not so bad then
  8. ​Thanks Rhett, my idea was to go straight to 4.0.0 rc2 to save the staff having to do two installations but since they've done one already I might aswell wait until the mods are available before the second install gets done
  9. Changed my mind, since 4 minutes after I created the forum it got installed with 3.4.7 before I could submit the support ticket Have closed the ticket and decided to stick with 3.4.7 until such time that the mods I want have been upgraded to IPS 4
  10. ​I've done as you suggested, created perplexedwolf05.ipbhost.com and submitted a ticket asking for you personally to do a fresh 4.0.0 rc2 install
  11. Thanks for the clarification, I thought that might be the case as I heard about the entire code rewrite that went into IPS 4. Guess I'll have to wait for that mod Alright Rhett you've talked me into it...which of course means I can blame you if it doesn't work out. I call it the blame delegation phenomenon
  12. ​Well the joke's on you...I'm worthless Infact you'd probably have to pay to get rid of me Just to clarify, ALL ips 3 mods are non compatible with Ips4? I want Tom Christians social links mod to allow people to go to my various social media sites but he's not been able to do a version for ips 4 yet
  13. ​lmao hook me up? You sound like a pimp...you're going to sell me for money aren't you?
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