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  1. Hello, Few days back these links were working: https://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/advanced-and-developers/application/permissions-r218 https://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/advanced-and-developers/application/notifications-r190 I wonder why they're showing 404 errors now. Can you please tell me where can i find these documentations about 3.4.x ? Thank you
  2. Send me pm amigo. I will take a look at it for you
  3. Antivirus showing this Error to me when i am visiting Forums here. ---------------------------- Is it only me?
  4. Hello, Due to problems of not receiving notifications of new replies in here. I was not able to find out if someone needs support, because i was rely on the Notifications system and Emails from here. If anyone needs assistance about my resources then Please send me Private Message. I will reply back to you as soon as possible. Thanks! @gaag1983 Bud! You can me pm if you're still facing the trouble. Also sorry about the late reply here.
  5. Hello Jester, I sent you a pm. Let me know about kind of problems you're facing, via PM. Hey Draffi, You can pm me and we can discuss about it. PE: Sorry guys about the late reply. I didn't receive any notification about new posts in here or via Email.
  6. Is the Client Area now known as Billing & Purchase ? http://community.invisionpower.com/clients/ Though it shows me : Fatal error: Class name must be a valid object or a string in /var/www/html/applications/nexus/sources/Invoice/ItemsIterator.php on line 71
  7. As rich@fordstoc.com said, to go back to mobile version you will need to choose the theme from Dropdown menu from Footer left side. Or you can create a custom location for URL and place it where you want (maybe in top of sidebars) by using skinchange.php file method. You can read more about it in here : > If you wanna use this Custom Skin URL method and having problem with implementing it, then you can send me a pm and i will take a look on it for you to make it work with Mobivision. You can remove the Full Version button from bottom by editing globalTemplate from (Global Templates - group) in the globalTemplate Find this code : <a id='full_version' href='#'>{$this->lang->words['full_version']}</a> And replace with: <a id='full_version' href='#' style='display: none;'>{$this->lang->words['full_version']}</a> Again if you're facing problems to make these changes then send me a pm i ll help you out with it. Thanks!
  8. It is a mobile skin but very old release can say the first release of any 3rd party custom mobile skin. Kinda looks like old Mobile WAP skins. You need to install fonts in your pc just to Edit the logo using Photoshop. Otherwise it isn't required. Logo is inside "wapimg" (Compressed in a wapimg.zip file) folder which is required to be uploaded in forum root location.
  9. Please send me pm with Temporary Admin Login credentials so i will take a look on them for you!
  10. Uninstall the hook, edit hook file (df_guestAttachImage.xml) and try to find this text : if( ipsRegistry::$current_application != 'forums' ) { return parent::renderAttachments( $htmlArray, $rel_ids=array(), $skin_name='topic', $parse_og=true ); } Remove above codes from the hook file and save. Install it again.
  11. Hello, I think my description wasn't much good to explain the working procedure of hook because of my bad English? But the thing you're asking is the base of this hook :) You can see a demo to make things more clear: http://devsforum.com/topic/12-forum-activity-sidebar-block/#entry38 This post has many image attachments and one file attachment too. As a guest can you see the images and can you download the file ?
  12. File Name: [DF] Show Topic/Post Image attachment to guest File Submitter: Alex.amazingboy File Submitted: 09 Sep 2014 File Category: Moderation Tools Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x Most of us guys want to allow attached images to view for Guests. also we want to hide other extensions or make them available to access after login / Permission. With default IPB settings if you set Guests Download Permission, then it will allow guests to download both Images or files (.zip or .txt etc). Which is not what we want, we only want guests to see attached images not to see attached other extension files too. But here's the solution. This hook allows guests to see the Attached images in Topic/Post in forums. With the help of this hook they can only see the attached images and download them. But they cannot download attached files instead of images (for example: zip, txt, files) You also can select what maximum size of image a guest can view only. If you want to show only those attached images who has lower than 100KB size. Then you can use setting of this hook. Though a maximum image size is required to work this hook (default maximum size of image is 200KB) here to download this file
  13. Sorry this isn't a valid topic to ask these things. But let me tell you there is nothing wrong with me or GFX. Their staff will join Devsforum :smile: and also they're gonna shut GFX Devs totally down. Nobody can make a community full of rush within 1-2 weeks and get a superior rank in Google LOL. I am doing my best to do with Devsforum which is getting done in my spare time from Regular Office and Clients Custom Project requests. For further stuff you can discuss in pm :smile:
  14. Send me pm with a temporary login credential, I will make that done for you :) no worries
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