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  1. When Uninstall Connections and install this again, then problem with databasce occur: UPDATE `connections_member_locations` SET `lat`=0 WHERE `lat` IS NULL; UPDATE `connections_member_locations` SET `lon`=0 WHERE `lon` IS NULL; ALTER TABLE `connections_member_locations` CHANGE COLUMN `lat` `lat` DECIMAL (10,8) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT 'Latitude', CHANGE COLUMN `lon` `lon` DECIMAL (11,8) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT 'Longitude'; Set this nothing changed. After run Support Tools, occured again.
  2. Hi 🙂 Great Plugin, first of all 🙂 I'm using the opt out option. Is it possible to add a city search option? From example, I'm from city "A". I see people near me. I would like to see people near another city ("B" , "C", "D" ) without change my location. "People Near Me" Site: And a second request. To add compatibility with the "Friends" application made by @onlyME. It's about the "People you may know" option. It does not consider "Friends" and shows in the "People you may know" section those Users who are already Friends.
    A very useful plugin, especially when cleaning up after Users who have requested removal of all their content or when the account is deactivated.
    Great App! Everything works perfect. "Opt Out" it's a great solutions!
    Old version- After installing the application, all profiles have a hidden status by default. Everyone must first confirm the "Everyone" settings in order to unhide self Profiles to everyone. New version are repair these issue.
  3. Hello, On mobile devices, when Profile blocks are arranged vertically one below the other, then clicking the Notification from the Bell: "The user responds to the response to update the status" or "The user responds to your status" or "The user adds a new status" and click this status on the home page in the "Recent Status Updates" widget, simply moved the clicker to the User Profile, and the content was loading, but significantly below. You had to scroll to this status throughout the Profile, through all the blocks. It's very bothersome. So I used the auto-scroll option for "Single Status" in JavaScript. Now, regardless of the type of device and resolution used, clicking each of the above notifications as well as clicking the status in the Recent Status Updates widget on the home page will take the clicker straight to this content. Scrolling will occur automatically. On desktops, when the profile blocks are placed on the left and the content on the right, it does not matter, but it is very pleasant to use it on the mobile, because you no longer need to look for this content. To do this, copy the code below and paste it before the </body> tag into globalTemplate: <script type='text/javascript'> var mobileViewport = window.matchMedia("screen and (min-width: 1px)"); if(mobileViewport.matches) { const elSingleStatusUpdate = document.getElementById('elSingleStatusUpdate'); // elSingleStatusUpdate.scrollIntoView(true); elSingleStatusUpdate.scrollIntoView({ block: 'center', behavior: 'smooth', }); } </script> If you want, you can additionally specify from what resolution the code should work. The code snippet responsible for this: var mobileViewport = window.matchMedia("screen and (min-width: 1px)"); For example, you can specify that all code will only work on mobile devices by specifying this value as follows: var mobileViewport = window.matchMedia("screen and (max-width: 980px)"); Regards, Adam.
  4. This option would be the best possible.
  5. I mean approximate location. Users do not need to see the IP Address. ONLY DISTANCE between Users is given, for example 25 kilometers. This makes sense with the "People near me" option. What about the fact that the User will enter the location manually, since he will later move to other places and will not change the data regarding his location, because he will be too lazy or will not remember it. Privacy? I do not think so. All you need is a button in the Profile Settings "Don't show my location". Something like "Tinder APP". Yes, but if the option discussed here could be done, and if Admin decided that the User's location is always the last IP Adress used by him, then the function of completing this field does not make sense. This is the minimum option. But then the "People Near Me" option is a bit of a fiction when Users themselves determine where they are. Either way, I think it's a great add-on and you'll definitely find a balance between location options.
  6. Thank you for your answer. I already understand that Users must start writing in this field and until they do this their location is not given. Note, that when Users register, then their location in the ACP Panel is already determined based on the IP Address. It is known that this is not an exact location and may be incorrect. It would be great if Users after registration had already filled in the location field in Your add-on, with this data. They could change dynamically with every last used IP address. An example of the "Set location based on IP Address?" Button, where Admin would decide whether Users must fill this field themselves, whether editing is not available and the location is based on the IP addresses used. Regards, Adam.
  7. One more presale question 🙂 "autocomplete nearest city input". Does this mean that Users do not have to fill this field themselves, manually? It fills in automatically and points to the nearest city in the case of Google Maps? If so, that's exactly what I want.
  8. When you do that, I will buy your add-on. Thank You 🙂
  9. Is it possible to do, - to force users to complete this field? Until they complete it, they can't do anything else. For me it's very important. People are lazy and so many of them won't do it if they don't have to.
  10. Location is get automatic, or user must set these location first?
    Very good add-on, but requires some improvements. You set in ".progress-wrap" (CSS) z-index: 10000 for this element. In this arrangement, especially on mobile devices, it will always happen that it covers another important element, for example, reaction buttons or action buttons of the Chatbox + Private Conversations applet with @onlyME. It's good to set z-index: 200, then the reaction buttons and Chatbox + privare Conversations applets cover your back to top button, but all other elements - not anymore. The next thing is the distance from the bottom in the settings. Why in pixels? This way, you can never set the button to be always 50% of the page, because the devices have different resolutions. After all, the distance from the right in the settings, you added in percentage, which is good. The changes discussed above have been introduced in .progress-wrap CSS and it works very well. I give the highest rating because the things discussed here are small things. But important 🙂
    Coded with <HEART>? 100% YES. Best Support. Great application from the "Must have" series. In addition, constantly developed with new features. I would recommend!
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