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  1. Thanks for the update and continued maintenance for Downloads Category (Sidebar) Tweaks v1.0.1.

  2. Thanks for offering your Downloads Category tweaks for free to the community.

  3. The IPS header look would be a great "Guide" for the new documentation area.
  4. If nothing else, the menu changes in this graphic would make a good plugin. If it's even possible to make those changes with a plugin.
  5. @Netherlord That's a great use of the Release notes navigation panel: http://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/directory/alternative-news-websites/
  6. After upgrading to 4.x, if you look in the appropriate database table for downloads or forum topics, would you still see the BB codes mixed in with the text? Or does 4.x try to convert the bb codes (bold, italics, url tags, font sizes, etc) to the html equivalent?I understand that in 4.x the bb code functionality is gone from the front end for the user (can't edit a forum post or download description and use bb code). But what happens to text with bb codes already in forum topics table or downloads table?Thanks,Josh
  7. ***gulp***, no way??? Edit: What am I looking for in the Release Notes? Is it this: Filterable custom fields now available when creating a record feed block That's going to do give us the ways we filtered blocks in 3.x?
  8. Well, it's been a year and you just thought I was being cynical. No, I'd like to think of myself as a realist. Accordingly, let's be honest, you're never going to add this back in, are you? Looks like the other thread is unanswered as well. The only way I see to filter blocks is to use php to manually query the database. What a hassle and so ugly from a technical perspective. Don't people need filtering options on a "front page" (or other pages) to tie the site together? I remember when that was the whole point of the block system... Sooner or later, I'll have to upgrade. Be nice to have the features to do it right like the old version was capable of doing.
  9. Awesome, thanks for letting me know. I ask because this is my upgrade path and will keep waiting as long as yall keep promising.
  10. Lindy, it's been a few weeks...and then a few months. Will the block filtering return or was my cynicism founded? :)
  11. Did 4.1 (or a previous version) include these missing IP.Content block filters? I looked in the release notes and it didn't look promising. The issue was also discussed in this thread as well.
  12. Lindy, thanks for adding some of the features back in that are used by a huge cross section of people, both the filtering options and the attachment restrictions (so users can't attach exe files or whatever files the admin deems too dangerous). I'm sure this will continue as you learn more about how the majority of people have used your product. My knowledge of IPS 4.x comes from the demo server. It's how I have the screenshots presented in other threads. I've experimented with 4.x and tried a number of "real world" scenarios, leading to the filter issue and the lack of technical documentation overall in 4.0 for IP.Pages. I do intend to buy 4.x when it gets to a usable point for me. I haven't only because it's not possible to re-create the IP.Content/Pages site yet. The reason I made the prediction about you not putting the all of filters back in is in the other thread where IPS staff were saying, yeah ok what filters are important? It's not unreasonable to infer there that all the filters people used to build their communities aren't coming back. If they were, the staff wouldn't have asked (essentially) which ones are important to you. But now, maybe they will come back. For what it's worth, I do see value in IPB 4.0. You don't hear people criticizing the new admin layout, the better logical organization of features, the slicker templates (front and back end) etc. Because it's good. People only complain about the bad.
  13. That says, "More robust block feed filtering options", which means:
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