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  1. No worries I've reinstalled the theme and it works, even with my existing customised CSS. I wonder if it just got its knickers in a twist with updating the theme a few times - Wont take long to rebuild it to match my existing setup 🙂
  2. When you create a club (with a forum), instead of showing the club icon next to the forum (on the board index view) it overrides it with the themes default fa fa-comments icon Anyway, to prevent / change this?
  3. Any update on this @Fosters Also, can I clarify exactly what you are classing as activity? Is it logging in, posting, chatbox, reaction, status update?
  4. https://xbox-society.com/ Relaxed gaming community that has had a bit of a reboot. We've been going for over 10 years with IPB software after going round e-blah, SMF, PHPBB. Spent the last two years just chilling out a bit following a cull of inappropriate members so site drifted a bit dipping in things to try to reboot with mixed results Rebooted our fantasy leagues (FIFA and PES) after a while out. Feedback on site would be appreciated, as we all do I think we can get too close to the work and don't see the obvious issues
  5. Okay Does it generate fixtures (i.e. I tell it the dates of match days and it creates all the fixtures appropriate( Can you record the number of goals / assists etc against each player Do player and team record history get updated for each new season, so after say 5 seasons I could see which division a team was in each season, how many wins, points etc.. they earned in that season?
  6. Got a couple of questions @newbie LAC but they may be asnwered by the images on the marketplace page. However, the image links are broken (not sure if you know about that)
  7. Hi, it appears they have all been awarded - although would question whether that error is cause for concern?
  8. Further to this, it appears to have given maybe half my members the award, but the other half (inc myself) that meet the critiera (of creating one topic) havent' got it
  9. Hi @Fosters - just setting this back up and creating my first award gives the following error message; UPDATE `xblstrophies_trophy` trophies_trophy SET `groupcheck`=NULL,`pm_content`=' <p> <img alt="congratulations.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="161" data-unique="kcux7008t" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2018_06/congratulations.jpg.b8f41cc6cbc2c48fe03c4c80f3ce72eb.jpg"></p> <p> </p> ',`crdata`='{"content_count":0,"repcount":0,"registration_time":0,"repgiven":0,"topics_started":1}' WHERE id=20 IPS\Db\Exception: Un
  10. Hi, I don't have the options to delete the CSS files to run the update - Revert is the only option available. Any ideas?
  11. Okay figured it out, set the enable for topic and posts in the forum tab. Didn't see any options for picking which clubs to effect in that. Haven't set which forums are effected btw yet
  12. Thanks again. I had already done that. Only differences being I haven't set anything for "Which user will send the chat?"and have set minimum posts at 0. Should that make a difference?
  13. Thanks for the fast response, so there is a setting within Clubs rather than chatbox extender to make this work?
  14. Am I right in understanding that the level of integration with Clubs, is only to say "member x has joined a club". I can't get it to show if anyone has posted to a topic in clubs
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