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  1. I agree. Official support has gone downhill massively as well. I've got two tickets that have been open for over 2 months and only had one reply in that whole time. But back on topic, not sure if it's the Covid effect, the Marketplace change, the new version of the software or a combination of all of them, but support in general, save a very small minority of good devs has dropped off a cliff. I'm waiting til the end of Feb when my hosting is due for renewal and more than likely will be moving to Wordpress, it's free, okay it might not be as secure (that can be dealt with), but at least its well supported, including the free plugins which some are even more complicated than the premium ones on the IPB marketplace
  2. @GTAPoliceMods - have you had any joy using the expression feature? Apologies if this is a stupid question, but how do you use the expression feature? Is it PHP, SQL?
  3. Thanks @TheJackal84 - the 4.5 version is now in the marketplace - will report back if any issues can you check your PM please
  4. Any update on this? Sorry to be a pain (not the best timing for us on our site with renewals) but waiting to see what this brings before making a big decision on our sites future and direction
  5. Hi @TheJackal84 - I forgot to ask (not sure if this has been asked before in this thread), will the new goals feature the ability to; Select the specific forum the post / topic was in Support Blogs Support Pages Also, I'd appreciate it if you could have a look at the PM I sent you a while back. Cheers KP
  6. Nice - Although FYI, I don't see the "new version waiting for approval" message, but I guess that is only visible to the author? Regarding the error, I should elaborate I forgot to mention that it still lets me as an Admin, but not as a regular member - even if I've set it to not let admins buy As an admin, I can't see them in the category, but they do appear on "what's new" or "random items" and can be bought from there
  7. Any news @TheJackal84 on this update about member goals for 4.5? Update uploaded a few hours ago is for 4.4 When are the new features due? Also on members shop items, seems even though I disable shop items, I can still buy and use them
  8. You can by pass it by entering something like public static $csrfProtected = TRUE; directly above /** * Node Class */ If memory serves, it's the file applications/(name of app)/modules/admin/(name of app)/(name of app).php That gets around the CSRF protection key. I've used it on one of my apps that hasn't been brought upto 4.5 yet and it works, well at least I haven't had any problems reported yet by my members
  9. Hi @TAMAN Have you had any issues reported by Invision on your upgrade? I can't upgrade to the latest version from within Admin CP, just get a message saying "Something went wrong, try again" EDIT - didn't realise I hadn't renewed yet - would expect the ACP to pick up on that and show a renew button or something
  10. Any further update @TheJackal84 when member goals will be available for 4.5 also, how can you change the date the task runs for the monthly goal?
  11. Wow, that is a very generous offer
  12. To be fair, he is only asking as Fosters did suggest an update would be out last weekend
  13. Anyone seen any activity from @TheJackal84? I've even PM'd him on his own site and posted there - messgae not read or post not replied to. Just waiting on an update with what is happening with Goals on 4.5
  14. It is yellow and black on purpose, that is the colours we want. But are you saying the colour pallette overides that?
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