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  1. Any further update @TheJackal84 when member goals will be available for 4.5 also, how can you change the date the task runs for the monthly goal?
  2. To be fair, he is only asking as Fosters did suggest an update would be out last weekend
  3. Anyone seen any activity from @TheJackal84? I've even PM'd him on his own site and posted there - messgae not read or post not replied to. Just waiting on an update with what is happening with Goals on 4.5
  4. It is yellow and black on purpose, that is the colours we want. But are you saying the colour pallette overides that?
  5. Sorry, I meant the background and text colours. So this is on a dark setting and this is with the day setting When you select the different colour schemes, it also colours the news ticker appropriately. TBH I'm thinking of just buying your news ticker app so the site staff can update the ticker themselves, I presume that ignores the themes specific colour settings?
  6. Actually further to this @TAMAN, if you start to mess around with the day or night setting, changing it from night to day removes the formatting. Had a few report this btw - this is on desktop as well as mobile
  7. Thanks for checking. I asked a few of my members, it displays correctly for them. What is it with my tech and your theme lol No idea what I've done to my phone, its brand new as well lol
  8. Hi, @TAMAN I've changed the colours to use on the ticker (yellow background, black text) which display fine on desktop But when viewing on mobile it is still the default colours Any suggestion?
  9. Good to hear you're back. Will there be any detailed information of how we use the criteria for issueing custom stuff or even a list of what you can invoke? I'm sure a lot of folk like me aren't particularly gifted at that side of things and any help/information would be useful, even if I can then shove it under the nose of my techy admins to work out
  10. Hi @TheJackal84 - sorry to be impatient, really waiting on this upgrade for our community as have a lot of features reliant on it - please can you advise when this will be available
  11. @InvisionHQ is the beta available and how do we get it?
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