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    new version not approved yet?
  2. thanks a lot it seems to be working now 🙂 one question, how does the role sync work.. ? it doesn't seem to be syncing but clearly I must be missing something also could you please tell me how I can show the bot to appear online on my server, thanks.
  3. I'm interested in this but yes would be great with the redirect feature, also do you have something like this for the posts, clubs and forums too Also if i set the url like this will it affect my other urls who have similar pattern?
  4. Hi, I just bought this, After I installed this application and added discord app details & bot , I went to notification settings and I get the following error also I can't seem to find these settings I don't think the role is syncing either please help, thanks.
  5. darksedo


    thanks I'll wait for the new version
  6. darksedo


    I'm not sure about the steps on how this is happening here's what's going on... On taking a quiz while it's working for some of the members, but for others, the quiz keep resetting back to start before it's complete, it can happen in any of the questions.. and i"m not sure how this is happening and how to reproduce it.. it just happens randomly when talking the quiz.
  7. darksedo


    aight, I'll take a video of the problem and let you know that way it might be easier to explain on what's going on.. thanks and any idea on the update date?
  8. darksedo


    @Adriano Faria my members are encountering random quiz resets, this is happening to only some, the quiz keeps getting reset to start frequently.
  9. Sure, if you want members to see total points for the profile they're viewing you can do this... go to the template editor click html/css editor for the theme you're using find the template profile header and add this part where you want it to show
  10. also I've seem to encounter another error, please kindly take a look whenever I try to hard delete a deleted content and if the thread didn't reward point I get this error
  11. Sorry, I posted quickly that was too show the balance for the member also @TheJackal84 this option here doesn't seem to be turn off, could you please kindly check in the commerce settings, I try to turn it off, it turns on automatically @Sethhh. You can use this in the profile template to show the member points <li>Points: {$member->shopPoints()}</li>
  12. sure, put this anywhere you want and it will show the point name and point value.. {expression="\IPS\Settings::i()->ms_points_name" raw="true"}: {expression="number_format(\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->shopPoints())" raw="true"}
  13. Same here, I had to manually add the code to show the points in the template files...
  14. darksedo


    Well, you could have just said that then, I was expecting it to reward for the first play and not for the plays after that.. Thanks anyways.
  15. darksedo


    What I'm trying to say is that if I allow users to play multiple times, they don't get rewarded for the first play. I'm not talking about the multiple plays after that.. but they aren't getting points for the first time they take the quiz
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