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6 Degrees of Separation

We do love a parlour game at Invision Community HQ and we were playing "6 degrees of separation" recently.

You've probably heard of the "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon". This is where you try and connect any actor with Kevin Bacon in 6 steps or less.

So let's try "6 degrees of Invision Community". This is where we try and connect a person with an Invision Community.

David Goggins and Invision Community
Last week, I finished the excellent David Goggins book "Can't Hurt Me".

David Goggins, a retired Navy SEAL, spent a month with Jesse Itzler. This which was documented in Itzler's book "Living with a SEAL", which I've also read.

Jesse Itzler owns the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Team.

The Atlanta Hawks has a dedicated area inside the Atlanta Falcons Football team's official community.

The Atlanta Falcons official community is powered by Invision Community.

Here's another one.

Groot and Invision Community
Groot featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie series.

Chris Pratt starred alongside Groot in the same movie series.

Chris Pratt voices Emmet in the LEGO® movies.

LEGO® uses Invision Community.

Over to you.
Do you have any "6 degrees of Invision Community?". We'd love to read them!

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Recommended Comments

I’ll go in reverse. 

Calgary Flames use Invision Community for their official forums (as does the whole NHL it appears!)

Valeri Bure played for the Calgary Flames. 

Valeri Bure is married to Candace Cameron. 

Candace Cameron was in Full House with Bob Saget. 

Bob Saget was in Entourage with Mark Wahlberg. 

Mark Wahlberg was in Patriot Day with... you guessed it, KEVIN BACON!


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