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Coming soon: Statistic Updates

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We will soon be announcing some statistics and reporting improvements that will be available to both Cloud Platform and Classic self-hosted editions of Invision Community. Look out for a blog entry on that soon!

I did want to talk about one addition to reporting and statistics that will not be available on Classic and do a quick preview: per-item reports.

You will be able to see a view of the popularity of a section (specific forum, gallery album, download category, etc.) or item (forum topic, gallery image, file, etc.) over a time period. For example, you could see a graph showing which hour/day/week/month had the most views in an individual topic. Right now, stats only show total views and has no count for by hour or otherwise when that view was made.

Cloud's backend systems handle the tracking, counting, and logging of views. This data is stored centrally outside of your master database so if you ever wish to go from Cloud to Classic, this data would not convey. Report data can include possibly millions of data points so, for performance, some larger reports may be queued. This means that Cloud will calculate the report and deliver it to you in a few minutes. This ensure that intensive data reporting does not cause timeouts for you.

This is the first step in several other reporting and statistics improvements we have planned. We are also working to tie statistics into actions in the future. Think things like: stats discovers a previously dormant member has become active again and initiates a process to welcome them back. Or maybe stats discovers a member who previously only posted in Product A forum is now looking at Product B forum so stats tells your CRM to flag a possible sales lead.

We are excited to be able to offer these enhanced services by leveraging the backend power of the Cloud platform!

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