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Hump Day: how do you nurture your existing community?

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Happy Hump Day, team! 

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to nurture your existing community.

Oftentimes, we're so focused on getting new members and subscribers that we forget to show gratitude for members who are already contributing/visiting.

Here are some ideas to show your current members some love:

  • Create a topic highlighting a few awesome posts. Which reminds me, shout-out to @Michael R ad @kmk for these 😊:


  • I'm a big fan of sending a Bulk Mail newsletter to your most-engaged user groups. It's a great way to connect with your die-hards off the platform. It's a little extra leg work, but members appreciate it. 
  •  Curating content is also a special way to show your members you love their content and appreciate them participating. It's a great opportunity to feature their posts. Take things up a notch and manually award them a badge as a thank you; positive public recognition feels pretty darn good.
  • Keep the platform up-to-date! This one's probably not talked about enough 😅. Keeping your Invision Community Suite up-to-date is another way to show you care. The community probably won't know what version of Invision Community you're on, but as time trickles on, there's more that can be done with the platform; don't pass on these golden opportunities to continue improving how your community functions! 
  •  A slick look and feel. Your community's theme is very important; it sets the tone and is something ever-present (the members are literally looking at it the entire time!). Make sure your theme is a priority and aligns with the vibe you want to project. It's worth mentioning Invision Community will roll out a Theme Service soon for clients on our standard plans. If you're interested in that please shoot me a private message and I can hook you up with more details 😉.


As always, here's a list of changes/fixes made to the Invision Community platform since last week's HD post. Enjoy! 

- Added the ability to moderate or replace posted email addresses with an obfuscated placeholder in content.
- Fixed an issue where the cleanup task would return an error when it was executed via a cron job because of the missing session.
- Fixed an issue with the template Hextorgb plugin throwing an error.
- Fixed an issue where the ACP Moderator Stats can time out with too many moderators
- Fixed an issue with costs of changing between subscriptions.
- Fixed an external link on the ACP gateway settings page to open in a new window.
- Fixed an issue where awarding points or a badge wouldn't trigger the member sync and group promotion routines.
- Fixed an issue where JSON-LD may not show an author for Q&A topics.
- Fixed some missing headings and value formatting in statistic tables.
- Fixed a dark mode incompatibility when viewing member IP address info in the admin control panel.
- Fixed an issue where cloning groups could leave incorrect search index permissions.
- Fixed a display issue in the admin control panel for RSS import badges.

What are some ways you show love to your current members? 🎁  Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments!

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