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  1. Man, that 4.3 version is overwhelming
  2. Hi i just purchased this app for my invision forum, the tab on profiles is showed but i cant find the ACP options to customize it, i mean add and change items please help.
  3. Hi!

    Where could I contact you for support about Trophies&Medals app

    i hope dont' be bothering you.

    1. Fosters


      Hi, trophies&medals has an own support topic 


    2. Fosters


      Hi @sagevil

      If you have a Suggestion or Feedback: please post in the Project Tracker on Fosters.Tech.  Link

      If you have a problem: please post in the Support Topic to reproduce.  

  4. Hi, i just bought the "Trophies and Medal" app for Invision i'm using the last version, but i have an isue with the app, it does'nt shows me the menu button on the control panel and i can't to setup it properly. please help.
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