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  1. I was exactly in this situation a while ago, out-of-date softwares and server on a big community. Just because updating was a lot of efforts, and I always had bettor to do of the little amount of time I had. Then a server crash brutally accelerated the process, and I worked a lot to migrate on some brand new hardware and software, including migrating on Invision. All what you are saying in this article came true: better safety, better SEO, better engagement. Soon the statistics began to grow rapidly after years of stagnation (in particular on mobile), administration was much simpler and time-sparring, and I could enjoy developing much more complicated functions. So, long live invision 🙂
  2. It's true. But eventually, it would be great to be able to minimize the website weight for mobile. For example, do we need the entire 700ko of javascript IPS loads on every page for mobile ? Could we let some functions activated only for desktops? Even with design responsiveness, this idea could be very useful for reducing the pages weight.
  3. A few months ago, I decided to leave Vbulletin and come here. Today, I'm About to launch my production site, and Yesterday, Vbulletin had its 5.4.0 version out. Hey, a good occasion to compare how all is evolving. Let's see. A new 0.X version, it should be amazing, like the 4.3.0 IPS, no? When I see all what is going here, crazy peoples about new features, suspense from the IPS team, big news with humor and reactions... I'm so curious! So, there is some new feature about icons being as svg images. Whatever, awesome font icons from IPS are pretty sympathetic to use. 'kay. Next news? "Styles with changes to the style variables". . OMG, Im' so enthusiastic, it feels like a Heavy Falcon 9 launch.What else? Looks like bug corrections. Okay, this will change teh world. Hello community ? Zero reaction, last post 3 months old. So... Hello Invision World. I'm really happy to come and dance with you. I think I will stay a while, can I take a seat?
    Very nice theme in general. I still deeply customize it, but to be honest I bought it for the additional AdminCP features above all. I am pretty satisfied by the general aspect and the features! Let's go with a few inconvenients and suggestions: - The saving of parameters is long, very long. Takes like 10 seconds to update the setting, which is not so practical when one makes quick changes to see the live version. Maybe you could do a saving for each part of the theme panel instead of saving the whole parameters of the other sheets? - I would suggest to add customization for the secondary colors of the forums. It's strange that you can update the main color of forum lists, but the remaining color of zebra and the color of blocks & announcements fields are unreachable (except by finding it directly in the templates), it would be much easier to customize with just these 2 colors!
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