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    I've been using this application for quite some time now and the only issues I have encountered are ones that naXe has helped me fix. His support website is no longer working anymore so for any issues you might have you might be alone.
  1. Hi there, I am looking to buy this application but before I do,Is it possible in the near future to have different categories for forms?
  2. Hey there, Love your application! I am getting the following issue after installing the newest version of the application: Any thoughts on what could be causing this issue?
  3. Sent you a private message with the details!
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  5. Thank you for responding (delay does not really matter.I appreciate the help regardless). I have checked the permissions and they are all enabled for the guest group. Any other ideas?
  6. Hey there I love you application. However I am having issues with it not displaying in the viewer and it just states "Error". I can make snapshots, send pokes, alerts, etc. I have the ports open (FT, query, and connection). Is there an issue or bug with the application? I just can't seem to get it to work what so ever. Any help is appreciated!
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