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  1. You don't even need to have designer mode installed to access it. Just appending the edit custom url to the end allows you to access it.
  2. They are there, just really far down the list for some reason.
  3. Have you restarted your server since installing eAccelerator?
  4. Right at the bottom of editing/creating forums/categories.
  5. ​That file is apparently no longer available for download from here, I tried yesterday to no avail.
  6. I am looking to replicate a system I had in 3.4. In this I need to be able to call the comment author group id, though I am really not sure on the correct syntax for this. Could someone please point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I was just about to post saying that I had found this, but I guess you beat me to it! Thanks anyway.
  8. Hi Kevin, I would like to say that like Group Collaboration, I love this app. I have one request so far though, I would love it if when a new topic comment is created (say if that topic is pinned) through a rule, that we can associate that post with a third party. Currently the options are only for the topic author and for the person who locked the topic. This would be a massive help as we currently use a single account as a 'bot' so to speak akin to AutoModerator on reddit.
  9. I went into the language settings and changed 'there doesn't seem to be anything here' into 'Please login to see posts' - it does the trick temporarily until a better fix comes along.
  10. Awesome - look forward to it then.
  11. I understand if this would be out of the scope of the project, but one thing that would be exceptionally useful to my community is when they joined a specific collab, their user group was then assigned to another group, of course ignoring certain groups that have higher perm sets. Or is this something that your rules app is capable of doing on a per-collab basis?
  12. What seems to be happening is that bots are using your PM system to send PMs (and consequently Email notifications) on your board. In the short term: Disable outgoing mail notifications for PMs. I don't know which version you are running - but there should be ways of doing it in 3.4, there are definitely ways of doing it in 4.0.In the long term I would do the following: Introduce a security question (one only specific to your site), that even new users would know, but bots could not figure out.Disable the PM system for unverified users.Make sure that you have the IPS spam service running.Consider using the Mandrill email service - its free and its pretty awesome. You can set that up under community enhancements, this will mean that if such a thing does occur again, you won't get suspended as your server is not sending the email - Mandrill's are.
  13. My community requires that we are able to set users as banned, but still be able to access the public content. Now, I am well aware that it we could create a group to move people to, however the current functionality of the banned option is perfect, apart from the fact we want to allow banned members to signout. I tried adding a logout button to the template, however this just results in the constant error of not allowing a banned member to do anything. Is there a way of doing this?
  14. ​Still waiting for a bug fix before it will work.
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