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  1. The trust PC for 30 days doesn't seem to work I've tried it probably 20 times, sometimes it saves for 1 day or until I close browser or sometimes when I use different forum account with 2FA as well it cancels the other accounts 2FA 30day so I have to keep using my phone over and over and it's getting annoying Please look into this when you have the time but it is quite urgent.
  2. Hi Invision Power is the best forums ever, I am happy with the support I've been given and the quality of the product and I am proud to be a member of this community. I recommend adding a feature where you have to enter a minimum amount of characters before your post is allowed to stop low quality posts. Also, this has proven to stop low quality posts on 100's of forums so don't argue with me saying it is pointless, it may be pointless for your forum but good for a lot of forums. MyBB example: Kind regards, G
  3. G__


    Alright makes sense, thanks for clarifying Sorry to bother you with one more thing but may I suggest you give users an option to disable category view :? Kind regards, G
  4. I noticed, at least for me the referral link at https://vitrade.org/index.php?/settings/ for example "https://vitrade.org/index.php?/refer/1/" is bugged because currently 6 of my members have said their link is https://vitrade.org/index.php?/refer/1/ which is exactly the same as mine and when I checked yesterday my link was https://vitrade.org/index.php?/refer/177/
  5. @Tom Christian , I hope you are well mate I was wondering if you could add a function shown below where you can bring a category from the bottom of the page to the top and or show/hide categories please? Kind regards, G
  6. G__


    Sorry but how do I do that?(not sure what you mean) I mean like how do you have an award section with the awards lined up without going into the category and an achievements section as well. It doesn't let me format it like you have in the settings.
  7. @Milad IPBPlug.in It is amazing!, working perfectly fine 9/10 for me and it is very simple to use, I was wondering though is there an option to hide (the icon) for users who don't want to see it.
  8. It's been solved :), looking forward to using this great application!
  9. G__


    How can I make my awards page look like the one shown here -> Mine looks like It doesn't let me change the structure in the settings, it says an award must be in a category and group. I don't understand how you have an achievement group as well, hmm I think I'm missing out on an side plugin or something
  10. When I attempt to pay I login and enter sms code for paypal verification and it redirects me to login page. Made support ticket btw.
  11. Hey @fosters, I hope you are doing well mate I have been using the application for 2 weeks and I've got to say it works amazingly well and I love it! I have some suggestions for promoting this application and for improving it. Marketing: The application doesn't show when people search for: referral, refer and invite in the marketplace. I suggest you amend the overview of your application so that it comes up when people search for keywords such as the ones listed and this will lead to an increase in sales. Suggestions for the application: Able to delete referrals (in case someone does fake ones to get first in the list) Able to use time-frame in referrals (e.g. show top referrers this week, this month on sidebar only) Referral abuse filter option (when enabled e.g. X can't use Y as the referrer when registering because Y already referred someone who has the same IP as X) Kind regards, G
    Honest review: This plugin does exactly as it say's it does, I haven't encountered a single bug or problem in 2 weeks of using it and it is very user-friendly and not over complicated like other apps. The support is amazing, @fosters always responds and never ignores a customer and on top of that he takes every suggestion seriously and makes constant improvements to the application. Kind regards, G
  12. Good to hear from me as well I'd like to point out a little bug -> https://vitrade.org/index.php?/profile/22-cory/ But user has no feedback whatsoever, I am using the most up to date version. Thanks, G
  13. Post-purchase Hi @fosters, first of all I just want to give my huge thanks for creating this, I've been waiting for this for a very long time. I see that the plug-in works perfectly fine and does the job which I am very happy to say. I appreciate it very much that you took the time to create this great plugin. I'm not complaining but do expect some suggestions for me as I think there is room for improvement for the plugin but that's not to say it isn't already great! Thanks, G
    Really really love this theme, it is very user-friendly and is by far one of the best dark themes. Great support and updates as well.
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