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  1. Welcome, I'm still trying to get some cash to buy my own License. But welcome either way.
  2. Thanks, You should add an option to do it yearly it might make it easier for people like me really.
  3. Are you able to pay 50$ per 12month as a option not just the 25$ per 6months?
  4. I noticed it says 25$ Renewal on the core + IP.Board is that yearly?
  5. When you buy a IP.Board license are you able to upgrade to a new version say 5.4.6 to 6.3 for free? or do you need to pay for another license?
  6. I've registered on many IP.Board community's one being webflake witch also have a advertising system on all their pages, Witch is a third-party modification that you can pay for I suggest you asked on their site as well you may be given a name for it so you may buy it when you switch. Any spelling mistakes ignore, IPhones can be enjoying when you type.
  7. So if I buy a second license what would the discount be?
  8. So for the group I would need to buy two licenses? But I would get it for 87$ for any other license I but after the first one Question 2: do I need another license for a sub-domain eg bcrp.diamond-interactive.com or can I use the first license on them?
  9. Is it possible to buy one license and use it on multiple domains if the domain is part of a group eg (Diamond-Interactive) has another site thats part of the group? So (Main group = Diamond-Interactive) and (Sub group = Bone County Roleplay)
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