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    Simply perfect application and great support 😉
  1. Love this Plugin, just, for some unknown reason, the Awards show up everywhere but not in the User Panel on a Post. Any Ideas why? It is turned on in the settings ....
  2. Hello! We have bought Member Map. But after we set it into our site, we have error message: "API KEY REQUIRED". This happened after updating Community version up to 4.1.19. Before this update - everything worked fine. Please, help us to work around this!
    Absolutely love this plugin. Our users were asking for a function like this and they will love it Thanks
  3. Exactly. As @Joel R said, i think this would be a worthy addon in the marketplace. I´d instantly buy it
  4. I was looking for a plugin that places Icons in the Notification List for likes, comments, topics, etc. Would make it much easier to see what´s in this notification list then text only. But couldn´t find a plugin that´s doing that. Any ideas? Or do i have to let this be done by a coder
  5. Ok. One problem solved Thanks. I thought i could also add another Marker for an event for example.
  6. Hm. also my Admin tools don´t show any ways to add a new location. I only was able to add one Marker for my location. Now i can edit or delete this marker. Thats all i can do. But all permissions are set properly, checked all of them again. Really got no clue why this is not working on my system ...
  7. My last idea for now - MapQuest is giving me a "Consumer Key" and a "Consumer Secret" .... The "Consumer Key" is what you use for Member Map, right?
  8. I don´t know if this will help us solve my problem, but MapQuest says it hast done 13 Transactions since i connected it. That´s not much, but there should be at least 13 Markers now, no?
  9. Thank you very much @Martin A.! Much appreciated. I did use a Text field for location for that reason. I don´t want it to be a complete Adress field that requires all fields. Then i activated profile sync and thought that it would not set markers while importing all the location fields. But nothing happened so far. I understand it can only send 100 a day, right? But still, at least some of these 100 should have entered something into the location field already I´ll try all you suggested and still wait for some days, maybe the import takes more time than i thought?
  10. Same settings here, latest version ... Is your "Location" field a simple text field where they type in whatever they want, or is it a "Adress" field? I´m using a simple "Text" field in the Profile for this location. Should work, right?
  11. Ok, i also don´t have that markers section you pointed out I need more help then i expected. However, thank you very much for your fast and nice replies
  12. Sorry, didn´t get that For some reason i simply don´t have that menue item on my page .... now it´s getting interesting
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