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  1. Good morning. Hello,I need your help .I don't understand why the parameters of my 'cookie notice' plugin disappear randomly and regularly. thank you
  2. Hi, I have suggestions for future releases: reactivate an expired(or finished) ad by advert purge ads automatically expired after a set period.(365days) set a maximum number of pictures by package. thank you again for this great work !!!
  3. Hi, I have a questions how to reactivate en expired ad ? the renewal option is enabled on package. why the expired ads are pending approval ? it's possible to send a notification when an ad has expired ? how to automatically delete old ads? thank you very well
  4. Hello, Thank you.. everything works now !!! Great !
  5. I understand, TRANSACTION was active by mistake. now the button cancel is display. thank you but after acceptance of the offer notice to the buyer is not sent.
  6. The seller accept offer, the advert is locked by the message "This advert is PENDING due to a possible deal. You cannot make offers or buy it for now." how disable offer and reactivate sale ? thanks
  7. Hello, Congratulations for this great work . I have some questions about the operation - It is possible to make optional the "Advert Images upload" for ads "wanted " ??? - How a seller cancel a deal for unlock the sale ? - After an offer is accepted , how the seller can raise the buyer to make the paypal payment? thank you
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