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  1. Hi

    Are there any update for the Arabic Translation ?

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    2. hameedacpa


      Please confirm if you are working in adding the translation of "Pages"

    3. A Zayed

      A Zayed

      Sorry for late reply,
      For pages app, it's just little number of string that need translation (Around 200~300 strings).

      Also, most of them are in admin panel, that I don't support in my translation package at the moment.

    4. hameedacpa


      Thank you, and do your best you are doing very great job.

      Just update us for the new progress and once you will finish I'll purchase

  2. I agree with you that the users can change the setting, but the issue that I have here I don't want to add bulk members, or groups to specific forum , actually I need to update the followers of each topic (topic level only) and those followers should be the participants of the topic itself and this option is not available in the above externsion you referr to the option I need specially in my case will be useful as I moved years ago from Vbulltin to IP and at this time there was some issues in moving and the followers of the exist topics not updated properly as I wanted any body participated in a topic to follow the topic update whihc is an exist option now but not on a retrospective way. We are as admins we need more flexibility in this area.
  3. Followers of the topics and the way of notification can increase the traffice of the forums,. So can I ask IP team to consider this feature in the future, as I'm now searching for an option to make all the members participated in specific topic following it and whenever there is new update they will know via email or any means of notifications available.
  4. If Invision Power continues making such videos we are all will be appreciated, so, please more guiding videos will be very great especially for the Pages product.
  5. @Andy Millne Can you please explain to us more about the additional automated email tools ? and I hope this version will include automated Birthday greeting email and automated newsletters
  6. Can you explain how to make automated birthday greeting email for the members ?
  7. Two features should InvisionPower team consider 1- Newsletter recurring auto email 2- Birthday recurring auto greeting email I hope InvisionPower team take the above features seriously and please don't refer me to the marketplace products because I want it to be embedded in the community product.
  8. I can not find anything related how to setup facebook application in facebook developer that can avoid the following error Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user changed their password or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons. To post to a Facebook page, you first need to grant the following permissions: 'manage_pages' and 'publish_pages'.
  9. I need a clear topic showing us how to setup Facebook app to use promote to our Facebook page why there is no clear help in this ?
  10. Thank you for the good add-on , but I hope to find this suggestion as a default with the invisionpower board
  11. It will be very good idea if there is an option to send emails based on an action example of this 1- sending email to a member if his birthday is due 2- sending email to the members periodically (daily, weekly, monthly) with the new topics opened in the community .......etc., I mean something that we can setup as a cron job to be executed automatically
  12. thank you for reply but actually I hoped that IPS team do it in IPB . anyway I hope you can refer to me where is this plugin you are telling me about
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