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  1. If you click on an actual blog it will format the stats (entries/comments/views) correctly with {number="$variable"} but when listing all the site's blogs the template doesn't format the number and just outputs it {$blog->num_views}. We have blogs that have well over a million views and it looks ugly not being formatted correctly. Obviously I've changed our template, but I think this should be corrected at the template level for everyone using blogs.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple plugin that adds the last active date below the joined date in ACP member edit. I found myself often visiting member profiles just to find out that information and decided to skip that step by developing a plugin. Developed and tested on 4.3.4, which is the latest version as of this upload.
  3. Part of the problem is it's wasted staff time. Someone spends time looking at the report and whatever is being reported trying to see if there is something wrong with it. If we don't see anything obvious we contact them and try to educate the user. I don't think it's too much to ask that if someone hits report content they spend the time to tell us why. Hopefully that requirement will keep some users from submitting reports by accident. I don't think people look at sites rules that much and the longer you make the list of rules the more they'll ignore it. Our site tries not to throw
  4. At least once a week someone mistakenly reports content on our site. Sometimes it's multiple times a week. Could you add an option to make the report REQUIRE a reason, or some form of validation? Right now there isn't any requirement that a reason be given and people often fumble through the process.
  5. We have several blind or near blind members on our site using screen readers and we've been asked if we could request cover photos have an alt description added to them.
  6. I'd like to add that turning off anonymous login does not fix the problem. Any user previously logged in anonymously gets to continue using the site as an anonymous user despite the change.
  7. If anonymous login is allowed, then last_activity for each member in core_members is not properly updated. In IP.Board 3.x last_activity was still updated and there was another db field to indicate they were anonymously logged into the site. If you do a member search for members online in the last month and you have a user that's been logged in anonymous for 3 months your search will not be accurate. I really think IPS should move back to keeping last_activity updated with a member's last known site access time. It'd be better to have profiles and widgets say Private for last visited like
  8. I can provide you the template changes I've made if you're interested. I'm not sure if IPS intends to address this or not, but I'm definitely willing to share what I've already done.
  9. In the Member Search tab under Advanced Search you are displayed a list of all groups. I don't see a built-in way in ACP to prohibit a group from being listed in this search. Since a lot of our secondary groups are for internal use only, we don't really want those group names to be displayed publicly. For example, on this site you have a group name of "-- Staff ACP Access" displaying in the search list. In my opinion, a lot of sites probably have secondary groups that don't need to be publicly known or searched. It'd be great to allow us to restrict group search access without having to m
  10. I went to edit the onlineUsersRow template and realized that the current setup as of seems inconsistent with most other templates elsewhere in the software. The current setup does most of the work like setting up photo/member name links in the underlying PHP code and the template just outputs that data. Instead I think the $row array should contain a relevant field like the member's id and then do the work within the template to load the photo, lookup the member's name and create the member's profile link. While this is probably a minor gripe that few others would have, I like how
  11. Currently, as of IP.Board 3.4.5, in ACP under Member Management you do not see the last active date for a member. If you view IP addresses for the member and they don't actively post on your site and they never login/logout you see their last login date as well. The only way to see this information is to visit their public profile. I would suggest on the Basic Information about a member page in the box that lists Joined date and IP Address you add a third line for Last Active. Seriously, I shouldn't have to look at their public profile to get this information.
  12. I am a moderator on an IP.Board system with IP.Chat. We would like to propose an optional feature in IP.Chat that after a user has been kicked from chat that they can be redirected to a page. We make users look at a rules page before entering chat, and we would like to redirect them after let's say 5 seconds to that rules page after they have been kicked from chat. So, I'm suggesting the chat control panel have 2 additional option fields. Number of seconds before redirect after kick, and page URL to redirect after kick. Thanks! -AJ-
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