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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I was just coming here to post this doesn't seem to work with 4.4.3 but you were faster 🙂
  2. Hello, I have a custom profile field users need to keep up to date. I would like to add a direct link in my navigation for users to click as currently you need navigate to Profile - Account Settings - Edit profile to get there. Is this possible? A link that takes users to Editing Profile page (https://url.com/profile/1-admin/?do=edit)?
  3. Hello, How is the link below coded in IPB? https://urlgoeshere.com/profile/1-admin/?do=edit I would like to add a this same link to other place in my board where the url has each member's own profile inserted when clicked. Any help? Thanks!
  4. Looks superb, great job! I would love to see a more compact view as an option where the poster name and message are on the same line (IPB3 shoutbox style) without profile icon. If you could add that this is a must buy.
  5. Hello, can I make the counter visible for selected groups only or is the only option visible for all?
  6. Hello, Is there a way to make announcements have pre-defined groups selected instead of "Everyone" or manually selecting the groups each time from the list? I have 3-4 groups I don't want to see announcements at all and it is kinda annoying to manually exclude those everytime from the list. Thanks.
  7. Hello, Currently with Chatbox it displays member name on one row and the actual message in a row below it. However, I feel like this is space wasted and I could display more messages by showing those in the same row (like IPB3 Shoutbox had). How could I make this change? Thanks!
  8. The issue with Weekly tab showing "YOU 1" still exists. Other tabs are showing it correct. Any chance for a fix?
  9. How is 4.3 support? Is it working?
  10. Looks like the Cover Photo fade effect problem we had earlier can be found elsewhere as well as posted images have the same problem. If I click a posted picture bigger, I need to close it and re-click it 5 times until it opens properly without the dark fade on top. Also the bolding isn't working. Italic and underline yes but no matter what font bold text cannot be found.
  11. Nope, no luck. It restored the favicon I had deleted but no bg image. I found the folder with 4x bg.jpg images but they all have that cut out E: Looks like my theme was bugging... After re-installing all is good and cut out is gone. Weird
  12. Ello @Heosforo Hmm nope, didn't work. ? I deleted the bg image from theme settings and now I have no image at all - even after uploading the new .xml. With IPB3 it was so much easier to FTP and locate images but now I feel lost ?
  13. Any chance to have the background without the dark cut out part? Or what is it for? I don't understand.. Currently when you click 'Manage Blocks' and the board moves right the square behind becomes visible and it just looks bad. Also, if I choose Background image style "Full Width" the top part (with Forums, Staff, Online Users etc) becomes black as the cut out part becomes visible.
  14. Perfect, thank you! I'll keep digging ?
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