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    New: Clubs

    Just upgraded and not seeing any links to anything called club in the admin panel nor on my forum.
  2. Cool plugin to see where members are at. I set it to sync with member profile field, will that update on its own at a certain time?
  3. Updated to 4,1,x; this no longer works.
  4. Yes steve00, the default theme, just installed the newest version yesterday. Something sure seems odd, the dashboard shows it is running background processes and the first one " Recalculating members' content count " shows almost 9700% completion - appears to be running over and over and over.
  5. Well when I am logged in as admin, there is no gray arrow on the side so there is an issue somewhere.
  6. Guess this is still and issue a year + later as I have no sidebar nor do I see any arrows.
  7. Thanks Charles, I have a ticket in my client area. I reckon I screwed up by repurchasing everything new instead of simply renewing and cost my self an extra arm and a leg or two in the process.
  8. Well I can tell you for certain that nothing was ever cancelled. I can also assure you that I am certainly not ignorant!
  9. So there was a renewal option? IPS; we need to talk.
  10. I originally purchased in 2012 - the license is expired - I was not presented with a new upgrade option. $100 ips community suite $75 ipboard $75 ipnexus $50 ipcontent $65 ipgallery ========= $365 Renewed that in 2016 for $50 Now in 2017 I purchased this $100 ips community suite $100 ipboard (forums) $100 ipnexus (commerce) $100 ipcontent (pages) $75 ipgallery =========== $475 Are you saying I should have been presented with upgrade pricing as an original client? My username still shows as member not client and have now spent close to $1000. To boot the upgrade process is a nightmare!
  11. Really? I was a former customer and just paid $475 for the new upgrade seen no cheaper options. Possibly I am due some sort of refund? Either way so far the upgrade process has been a pain in the rear. edit. just noticed this - why am I listed as member and guy above is "ip client"?
  12. Thanks for the comments! I know I want to do it, just very nervous. Shelling out $500 is a lot of money for a potentially very large headache.
  13. Our forum has put off upgrading, but recently have started to think about it again. I recall reading about numerous issues about bad conversions. My question is, have those past issues been resolved; ie is it safe to upgrade yet?
  14. Is it possible to hide the breadcrumbs from the portal / home page and keep them on all other locations?
  15. I've had access to post / reply to the forums since I purchased the products. I returned the other day to post a question in the "community led resources" [ 431-ips-marketplace-topics/ ] area and there are no post new topic / reply to thread links to be found anywhere. When I click on the customization resources I get " You do not have permission to view this content." I was posting in those areas just a few months ago, now I cant so something has changed. Nope, figment of your imagination.
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