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  1. Michael can you please respond to my query on your site? Thanks!
  2. I last chatted with him on 4/10 and he hasn't responded to anything since then. I do hope he is ok!!!
  3. Installed update and phrase bot is almost working now! Thanks for getting it this far!😀 I can get it to output a message on match, but when I have an image inserted in the message instead of displaying the image is just shows the image name.png when it is outputted. When viewing the url I see %3C___base_url___%3E
  4. Logged into to see if you released that update and I do not even see the purchase in my order history. 😞 Patience is wearing very thin!
  5. Thanks, if you are stuck I have a potential solution. Add the member option to the commands so that when someone entered certain commands the output would be echoed by the bot.
  6. Michael, are you supporting babble chat?
  7. I want to setup a few clubs as administrator, then disable future creation by any group other than admin. But, every time I set the Maximum number of clubs allowed to create value to 0 and click save it defaults to unlimited.
  8. Thanks for the updated tutorial, that is all very simple to understand. I am that person and I will contact you as it is not working for me. Thanks!
  9. Anyone have any luck getting a phrase bot up and running? If yes, can you provide instructions? The tutorial on the jungle site seems to be a dated version as it doesn't match what I installed. The app looks promising; just love to be able to test the bots out fully. When I attempt to edit a bot it always pulls up the wrong settings and I see no way to add multiple phrase/message combos.
  10. Has anyone integrated Twitch into their ipboard forum? Looking to pass ipboard forum username to twitch chat.
  11. eoebrian

    New: Clubs

    Just upgraded and not seeing any links to anything called club in the admin panel nor on my forum.
  12. The navigation bar is shifted above where it should be; colors of forum titles has changed as has the search box color changed. Anyone have a similar CSS experiences with the upgrade?
  13. eoebrian

    Member Map

    Cool plugin to see where members are at. I set it to sync with member profile field, will that update on its own at a certain time?
  14. Updated to 4,1,x; this no longer works.
  15. For future reference for others, that did not work. Apparently you can not set a default calendar when you have multiple ones.
  16. All login forms now say "display name" instead of username this is going to confuse members. Where can I go to change Display Name to Username?
  17. No one utilizes multiple calendars?
  18. Yes steve00, the default theme, just installed the newest version yesterday. Something sure seems odd, the dashboard shows it is running background processes and the first one " Recalculating members' content count " shows almost 9700% completion - appears to be running over and over and over.
  19. Well when I am logged in as admin, there is no gray arrow on the side so there is an issue somewhere.
  20. Guess this is still and issue a year + later as I have no sidebar nor do I see any arrows.
  21. With multiple calendars I am not seeing a place to select the default calendar in 4.1? Is this an option that is available?
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