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  1. What options in fields settings I must use?
  2. Could you consider the creation of similar component for books using the foundation of videos component? I'm interested in different formats (docx, pdf, djvu etc). The main idea is preview of book content and creation of discussion topic with rich token substitution. Maybe for creation of preview we can write server side service (on .NET) and return preview in pdf format for any supporting formats of books. Any other ideas are welcome. You have a good foundation for different types of content to structure them on the portal Definitely in first version we can have only PDF files support. And some other formats like docx can be easily converted to PDF by user.
  3. How I can up ranks above nickname? Like this (default w/o echanced plugin):
  4. Provide the ability to upload other users to albums created by me from the main gallery page. Now, to upload images you need to go to each specific album, which is not convenient.
  5. I install app on test forum without plugins/other app and all ok.
  6. After install app I have 500 error.
  7. Thx for help! It's not Tutorial bug,
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