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Andy Millne

New: Calendar Venues

This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release.

Following on from our previous news entry "Add Similar Event" we are pleased to announce another feature that will make adding and discovering new events as easy as possible.

Support for geographic event locations has been in Calendar for some time now but with 4.2 we have taken this a step further with venue support. When enabled, members can set the event location from a list of pre-defined venues. Address details and maps will then be automatically shown in the event view.

Blackbeard's Tea Party - Community Calendar - IPS Community Suite 2017-03-20 20-45-26.png

Event view shows the venue map and address as well as a link to other events at the venue

Additionally, a link will be added so that other events occurring at this venue can be discovered.


Venue view shows all events at the location

Venues can be added via the admin control panel or inline when adding events (for users with permission)


ACP venue management


Inline adding of venues when adding events

If a venue has not already been added then a fallback to the standard address form input is provided.

We have a few more Calendar improvements still to reveal so be sure to follow News & Updates for further announcements.

Edited by Andy Millne



Recommended Comments

Out of curiosity, are these feature additions driven primarily by customer feedback, or some internal investigative process to determine what features would best fit the product roadmap?

Not criticizing, just wondering what the primary driving influences behind new features are.

That being said, this is one of those "common sense" features, so well done!

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1 minute ago, Joy Rex said:

Not criticizing, just wondering what the primary driving influences behind new features are.

It was all my idea and don't let @Charles tell you otherwise.

New feature ideas come from lots of different sources. Primarily features are added based on direct customer feedback but some come from staff members and some like you say are just "common sense".

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Venues.  Whoa.  That's a whole other type of calendar thing.  I can actually see a compelling use for civic centers, art houses, or social groups. Wish you could define your own venues like "Joel's backyard" or "Lindy's mega car shop" or "Online".

Maps.  What is that?? 

Edited by Joel R
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Is there a way to add repeating event that falls on like a 3rd Wednesday of the month? I've got a friends forum I'm working on and found out you cannot add a repeating event that lands on a number of weeks in a month on a set day. Like above set a repeating dinner meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

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8 hours ago, Mopar1973Man said:

Is there a way to add repeating event that falls on like a 3rd Wednesday of the month?

Not yet. It has been requested a lot and, to be fair, AFAIK IPS has not ruled out the possibility of it appearing. I'm not a developer but I can imagine the logic behind trying to work out all the scenarios e.g. 2nd Tuesday, 3rd Wednesday or in my case the LAST Wednesday of every month must be horrendous.

The new Add Similar Event is a big help and will be worth checking out when 4.2 arrives.

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