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Team Talk: What is your hidden talent?

We're a cool bunch here at Invision Community.

You'll see us around answering support tickets, posting in our community and writing cool new features and hilarious blogs. But, you won't see what we get up to in our spare time.

This month, we asked the question "What is your secret talent?" To which Andy replied "I can't tell you, it's a secret" making me rephrase the question immediately.

Without further ado, lets dive in.

Andy Millne (Developer and owner of quick comebacks)
I can fly a plane, a desire that started as a child being allowed to occasionally take the controls of my parent’s light aircraft. This was then rekindled when the same aircraft fell into disrepair and was in need of restoration and I had the disposable income to take lessons. Unfortunately this is a very expensive hobby and not really one I can still justify though I occasionally fly with friends when possible. I can also fly model planes and helicopters but I’m almost as talented at crashing them as I am flying them. Luckily that skill hasn’t transferred to the real thing.


Editor: Andy lives in a different league to the rest of us.

Mark Wade (VIP Developer and owner of scathing put-downs)
I can solve a Rubik's cube in under two minutes.

Editor: Pfft. Depending on how well the stickers are adhered, I can solve one in under a minute.

Brandon Farber (Developer and owner of impressive tools)
I don't know if I'd call it a talent, but I enjoy woodworking when I have time. I built a swinging day bed for my wife out of a couple of pallets and some misc wood and hardware, I screened in my back patio last year, I built a coffin for a Halloween party, and I built a desk two days before Christmas for my daughter as some recent examples. Right now I'm in the middle of building some planter boxes for our front porch.

Editor: I made an ash tray for my mum in school once. She loved it, even though she has never once smoked.


Desk v1.0

Daniel (Developer, T2 Support and Banksy protege)
My secret is art. I used to paint art in the streets of Vienna in summer.
Editor: If Daniel needs to work the streets to make ends meet, we should probably give him a pay rise.


Daniel painting


One of Daniel's creations

Jennifer (Designer and owner of cool costumes)
I do custom cosplay for myself and my family and I like to make digital space scenes in photoshop.


Batman was not created by Jennifer

Editor: Our legal department would like to point out that Batman was co-created by Bob Kane.

Ryan (Developer and owner of short hair)
I have an old one I can't really do anymore - I used to be able to do a pretty close Donald Duck impression. I've forgotten how to do it properly, though.
Editor: Interesting thing to share. Ryan has many talents. He can play guitar and bass. He looks a bit like Ethan Hawke. Yet he chose to share the fact he can do a Donald Duck impression.

Marc (Support and owner of things on wheels)
I'm very good on skates (quad skates, not this inline stuff people do now). Me and my cousin used to do freestyle speed skating and half pipe. Stopped doing so once I got to an age whereby I was breaking things more than bouncing. Something I miss doing, so much so that I still have my skates, even though I haven't been on them in about 20 years.


Editor: This is probably not Marc.

That's enough from us. To be honest we were all blown away when we learned that Daniel was a secret street artist and he paints amazing pictures.

We'd love to hear what your hidden talents are. Let us know below!

Edited by Matt


Recommended Comments

Our Invision community is ProjectGuitar.com; I have been building guitars and basses for a couple of decades now. Mostly we teach and exchange skills and advice. It's not a hidden talent. Met some absolutely stellar people through our community, seen people go from beginners to industry names and generally find you can never stop learning.

My hidden talent is Aspergers. Not sure if that counts? It totally should. :thumbsup:

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Sometimes a muse comes, and words become poems ...
Many years ago I wrote this / tried a very close translation /

"Love - this is autumn gold,
painted by a blind artist
Love - it's a gentle song,
without a voice a singer sings"

Now it sounds to me again.

Poetry, hardware, software, and rhyme of so many bytes interwoven into the speed of dreams ..;)

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14 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

Currently, no. I used to have a few videos in Youtube but removed them. Got a couple of records in a demo tape. I'll try to find them on my mess (PC) and will post here. Progressive rock.

@Adriano Faria As a Canadian (living in Australia, but still) I couldn't help but notice that you let your Rush fandom slip once in a while ;)

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9 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

Or play together! Any drummer out there?

Ok...not sure if this qualifies, but - I used to be an amazing air drummer.

Seriously.  I was the only one of my friends who could successfully do Rush's "Subdivisions" (foot pedals and all), "Freewill" and "La Villa Strangiato" off Exit...Stage Left, and "Tom Sawyer" - the original.

Now I do voices (some argue that I also hear them - I'd disagree, but no one can hear me with all the ruckus).  Specifically, I do something like Abe Simpson crossed with Charles Manson.  That, coupled with my honed sense of near-absolute political incorrectness, virtually guarantees that if the "right person" hears me, that I'll be 1) a radio/TV sensation, or 2) in jail within the next year.

For some of the things I say with this voice I've been told I'll go to Hell when I die, but I figure hey - Hell is where all the great musicians are, so time to rock out!

I would also like to ask a question:

Is it possible to state for the record that Jennifer is incredibly beautiful while completely respecting her talents, intellect, and individuality in this age of cultural hysteria, hashtag populism and the heightened awareness of sexual inequality?

If so, then I just said that.

If not, then forget I said anything I guess.

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7 hours ago, liquidfractal said:

As a Canadian (living in Australia, but still) I couldn't help but notice that you let your Rush fandom slip once in a while

Geddy Leed is the guy! Best bassist ever, IMHO.


I also like John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). Mentioning those two because that’s the kind of music I like and heard but there are other fantastic bassist out there, some passed away like Jaco Pastorius or Cliff Burton and several others still around. 

Edited by Adriano Faria
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7 hours ago, The Guy said:

That looks like a mean machine. What's that power range?

The only "power adder" on that engine are the aluminium heads (non-branded China version), so I've estimated it to be around 350bhp. But it turned out to be an inconvenient build as the pistons are too high, causing a compression of ~12:1, which means I need to run it on high octane fuel. Going to transfer the heads, cam and valvetrain to the engine that's currently in the truck (stock 350TBI) when my new throttle body arrives.

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