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New: Moderation Improvements

We have added a selection of improvements to moderator workflow and some new features to generally make moderation easier.

We have already talked about a few new moderation improvements:

Now let's go over a few more new features that are designed to help moderation.

Multi Page Actions

When you split a topic or delete replies to some content that has multiple pages you would always be redirected back to the first page and first post. This could get a bit annoying if you were previously very deep into a conversation. We now try to remember where you were and keep your place after those items are removed.

Hide Unapproved Content

Previously you had only two options when viewing content that was pending moderator approval: delete and approve. You can now choose to hide an item rather than approving it so you can remove it from the approval queue without deleting.

Moderator Actions on Reports

Reported Content - Welcome! tests - IPS Community Suite 2016-11-17 agl77.png

Report Status

When a moderator changes a report status it now logs that action so other moderators can view when and who changed a status.

Display Name History

New Name - IPS Community Suite 2016-11-17 k6ozk.png

Display Name History

You can now see a display name history on the front end for a user. This can also be enabled for the public to see per-group if you want everyone to see the display name changes of a member.

Animated Profile Photos

You can now disable animated profile photos so your users cannot apply them to their profile. This will not go back and remove existing photos but will stop new additions.

IP Tools

::1 - IPS Community Suite 2016-11-17 2vsuh.png

IP Use Overview

The IP tools have had an update to make finding IPs with their related members and posts easier. This works with both IPv4 and IPv6.

IP Address Tools - IPS Community Suite 2016-11-17 z4mmq.png

IP Search

You can also search for all uses of an IP by member or wildcard search an IP to find all uses of an IP range.


These changes to moderator tools will help you better moderate your community and allow you to focus on member interaction rather than member management. In addition to the items linked at the top of this entry we have already talked about, these small changes come together to make moderation even easier in IPS Community Suite.


This change will be in version 4.1.17 which is scheduled to be released in early December 2016.

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