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New: Delayed Deletes

This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release.

I am sure we have all accidentally clicked delete on a post in your community and then realized you needed it. Luckily we now have Delayed Deletes to easily restore deleted content.

Posting 2017-03-08 16-36-45.png

Settings in AdminCP

You can delete just as you normally do as you moderate and your posts will be removed just like now. The main difference is that you can now view recently deleted content and restore as needed in the Moderator Control Panel.

Deleted Content - IPS Community Suite 2017-03-08 16-39-00.png

Easily view what is pending delete

All you have to do is click the deleted item and you will be taken to that item in context of where it used to be. This makes is much easier to understand why it was deleted and decide if you should restore.

Very bad topic - A Test Forum - IPS Community Suite 2017-03-08 16-40-50.png

Restore and view deleted content in context

Delayed Deletes is a feature that could be a life saver for your community and we cannot wait to get it out to you.

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