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New: Custom RSS Feeds

There are now two ways to get outbound RSS feeds in IPS Community Suite: Activity Streams and a new Custom RSS Feeds feature we are introducing.

Every Activity Stream you create also creates a related RSS feed. However, Activity Streams take into account recent activity and unread status per-user which you may not want if you want a simple, raw feed of content by date. The new RSS Feeds feature uses similar filter settings to Activity Streams but does a traditional by-date approach to the feed. It also only reports on the initial creation of a content item and does not update based on replies.

RSS Feeds 2016-11-15 0jfie.png

Configure RSS Feeds

You can finely select various content settings including selecting just certain categories within an application. So you might create an RSS feed that includes only content from an announcements forum and your blog section which would then be a total feed of all the news on your site.

RSS feeds are useful in the traditional sense for people to subscribe to a feed on your site but they are also useful for integration. Many clients use RSS feeds to pull content into external sources to embed content on a different site, mobile app, or other systems. For those of you looking for even tighter integration with external systems, be sure to check out our REST API.


This change will be in version 4.1.17 which is scheduled to be released in early December 2016.



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It also only reports on the initial creation of a content item and does not update based on replies

Finally! This is awesome! I remember months ago my suggestion was sort of rejected and I was really disappointed..

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18 minutes ago, David.. said:

Question. Is this an upgrade from IPB3's RSS Feed feature? If yes, would the settings transfer over? Would the same RSS Export URL be kept?

This is a similar idea but unfortunately we cannot upgrade the old IPB3's RSS system to this new system as it's quite a bit different (in a good way).

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I installed the beta today and while everything is great, I'm kind of bothered that I cannot display custom fields from Pages databases in the RSS feeds. It makes the compatibility with pages completely useless. I'm left using my custom methods still. Is there anywhere else more appropriate to suggest this?

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