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4.5: Marking as solved

Invision Community has had a question and answer mode for a good few years now.

This mode transforms a forum into a formalized way to handle your member's questions. Members can upvote answers, and the topic starter and your community management team can mark a reply as the "best answer".

This is great when you want to add rigour to specific forums which encourage your members to find solutions.


The existing "QA" mode

But how about a way to mark a topic as solved without transforming the look and feel of the forum?

We get asked this a lot.

Happily, it's now a feature just added to Invision Community 4.5! Those with a long memory will recall we had something very similar way back in Invision Community 3.


The new "mark as solved" feature

This new feature allows the topic starter or your community management team to mark a post as the solution. This highlights the post within the topic as well as adding an icon to the listing views. 


The green tick notes that the topic has a solution

In addition, it also increases the member's solved count, which is displayed under their name in the post and even in a draggable widget that shows members with the most solutions. We have also added a new filter to the existing post and topic feed widgets to allow only items with a solution to be shown, so you can create a "Recently solved" feed.

most Solved Widget.jpg

The new widget

Finally, a notification is sent to the author of the post that is selected as the best answer, so they're made aware that their helpful content has been spotted.


Let your members know their content was useful

We hope you enjoy these changes and look forward to allowing your community to find answers quickly, and to reward the members that provide them.

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Recommended Comments

57 minutes ago, annadaa said:

thanks for this useful option

without asking too much, is it possible to add a button to the first message "I have the same question" or so I also want to know the answer

You can actually already do this using the Reactions system. It won't be specific to the first post, but I can see how that would be useful on some sites even for regular posts within a topic. 🙂 

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Just now, Adriano Faria said:

So Discussiuons will remain as it is today? Confusing. Would be better to add a setting per forum.

You enable this new feature in discussion forums. It's not a new "forum type".

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1 minute ago, bfarber said:

That's not how 99.9999% of sites where an answer is marked work. Think Stack Overflow for instance - one answer is marked, not multiple.

Oh yeah I totally get that, but tbh thats part of why our user based prefer us over stack overflow, there its a one hit sort of thing.

We have just had plenty of technical stuff that has been multi stage across multiple posts so I can see the benefit for us being able to mark multiple posts as solutions.

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@bfarber As we are in the area of forums types and discussion design. I would like to suggest to improve QA forums in 4.5 to allow comments to specified answers, same as in stack overflow (may be as optional option). It really would make the QA's nicer and not so extended in length, so people may ask additional questions to specified answer instead posting answers as additional questions to already answered questions, got it? Currently lack of ability to add comments to answers is biggest flaw of QA's forums.

Edited by PatrickRQ
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19 hours ago, SteveFree said:

Hello -- I'm running Version 4.6.2 and I can't find this feature anywhere.

Has it been enabled anywhere? I've looked everywhere but must have obviously missed it...



Never mind. All good. I figured it out.... 

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