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Video Tip: Set up a curated video gallery in 5 minutes with Pages

Pages is one our most flexible applications.

We use Pages on this site for our news blog, our release list and our bug tracker. We also use it internally to track customer suggestions, knowledge base articles and more.

The most common use for Pages is as a simple articles database. With its built in templates, you can create interesting and engaging pages in just a few minutes. This is how we have it configured for this news blog.

In this entry, we'll be looking at something a little out of the ordinary.

In just five minutes, you can create a simple curated YouTube video gallery on your website using Pages. All of this functionality is built in. You won't need to learn code, or install any plug-ins.

Check out the video below for a walk through which covers:

  • Creating a database and page
  • Using the 'Easy Mode' page editor to drag and drop the database into place
  • Setting up the database's custom fields for YouTube

You can take this further by tweaking the built in templates to create something unique for your site. You may wish to use a different listing page and show thumbnails of the videos to entice your visitors into the site.

This is ideal for sites which use YouTube heavily but wish to keep the discussion on your site. The built in comments and review sections display just under the video.

Pages opens up many different ways of curating and displaying content.

We'd love to see how you're using Pages, let us know in the comments!


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