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  1. Hello, Could anyone share redis.conf file? Just installed Redis cache and need configuration.
  2. Hello, can we choose which group can send an invitation?
  3. Hi, what changes needed in php.ini? my php.ini file is "open_basedir = on"
  4. Hello, you are missing the "MYSQLi" extension http://php.net/mysqli
  5. In custom.css .cForumRow [data-forumID="FORUM_ID_HERE"] .ipsItemStatus > .fa:before { content: '\ICON_HERE'; } example: .cForumRow [data-forumID="1"] .ipsItemStatus > .fa:before { content: '\f011'; }
  6. Hello, rename the .htaccess file temporarily and then try to reload the page.
  7. personaly i don't like sparkpost. because sparkpost does not allow domains to be created for india.
  8. Hello, Memcached + Zend OpCache works fine on my server
  9. Hello @opentype Could you please tell me how did you change the error message template? Thanks in advance
  10. j4ss

    fatal error

    Yes! I have reinstalled Country Field plugins and works fine now! Thank you @MADMAN32395
  11. j4ss

    fatal error

    Hello, Thank you for the reply in my constants file define( 'STORE_METHOD', 'Database' ); define( 'STORE_CONFIG', '[]' ); define( 'CACHE_METHOD', 'Memcache' ); define( 'CACHE_CONFIG', '{"servers":[""]}' ); define( 'CACHE_PAGE_TIMEOUT', 30 ); define( 'SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY', '05989eab70' ); 3rd party plugins: Country Field 1.0.6 and Chatbox login handlers: Standard IPS version:
  12. Hello, I am getting following error when i try to login on my board "Fatal error: Call to undefined method IPS\core\extensions\core\MemberSync\_System::onLogin() in /home/user/public_html/init.php(434) : eval()'d code on line 22" help me please
  13. j4ss

    Black Friday Promotion

    my license is valid until january 2016, how can i renew my licence before expiry date?
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