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  1. Theme is reduced from 29.99$ to 25.99$ Until Quarantine disappears 1.2 - Added trophy instead of numbers on popular contributors ( https://gyazo.com/8f2f9ed65ccd7953f147b0c692c37daf ) - Added posibility to add header background if you want ( https://gyazo.com/6f35a17a9eaf44c4567136e07afd7050 ) - Added posibility to add footer background if you want ( https://gyazo.com/317a9be4350b18e9e2bfc06941980fcb ) - Added images for each predefined slider ( https://gyazo.com/f80646feb7d3396bb2699fb4857bac21 ) - Fixed hidden content background / pages buttons - Added a ne
  2. 2.7 - Added a mobile version logo @iamART - Resolved a problem in post container - Maintenance stuffs
  3. 2.7 - Added a mobile version logo - Resolved a problem in post container - Maintenance stuffs
  4. 1.Logo will be added in next update. 2.I will send you an archive with the theme!
  5. Update 1.1 - New ACP theme customized to be in line with principal style of template - New secondary color.
  6. Here you can let your suggestions and you can report problems for limitless theme.
  7. Version 1.2


    Limitless 4.4 1.1 - SUPPORT TOPIC DEMO: http://cyberpixelz.com/forums/ ( user: demo / pass: demo ) A small Youtube Video with presentation ACP Theme ABOUT THEME: Header ( Here you can change forum menu, change color of top and secondary menu color ) Color Panel ( Here you can change 70% of theme colors, with a little bit of knowledge you can transform the theme on light version directly from ACP or you can just change the principal color wich on default is yellow ) Mega Footer ( Many options for megafooter, you can see the features
  8. @Nabix Every template from us will be supported for future versions!
  9. 2.7 - Resolved highlited background post in messages and posts. - Resolved colors
  10. 1.4 - Resolved Custom Awards problem! - Resolved color problem! - Resolved tab lang for christmas! - Resolved background for questions
  11. I cant identify those problems on my forum! Are you sure you didn't modified something ?
  12. 1.PSD is not anymore - it was a psd for body background, but we decided to remove the bg 2.It was a decision take by us to add the copyright, and i forgot to remove the line from topic ( my mistake im sorry ) 3.You can find that option in custom, but it's ment for avatars,. 4.It will be added
  13. Hello guys, this is the support topic for Royal theme Dark
  14. Version 1.0


    Royal 1.1 Dark ( - 4$ Until Quarantine disappears ) - SUPPORT TOPIC DEMO: http://cyberpixelz.com/forums/ ( user: demo / pass: demo ) ABOUT THEME: 📢 UserInfoPane integrated in the topic ( so, you dont need plugins for that ) + online/offline status.If you dont like custom UserinfoPanel you can dezactivate it from ACP.It's fully customizable. 📢Change Menu Links from ACP ( hardcoded ) 📢MegaFooter ( You can modify the footer from ACP ) Enable / Disable - And change the text and links + other things. 📢Fully responsive ( 100% ) 📢Customizable Colors fro
  15. It's on our update list.Maybe Tomorow is done! @IceCore try now!
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