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  1. @MagicalFire - Your suggestion with body it's done 1.5 - Changed the background for ipsCommentCount, now it's gradiented not black anymore - Changed the style of User Options in post bit by Adrian Faria for the both post bit styles Style 1 Style 2 - Resolved body color - Changed in style 1 from 1 Content to Content ( i think nobody observed that )
  2. get a better host, it's using images with good resolutin, it's normal!
  3. Check pm ! I tried this theme on 2 diffrent forums and it's working!
  4. Reinstall the template after u are installing a plugin m8 @MagicalFire
  5. @MagicalFire Try 1.4 update ( if you like the template use star rating and let a comment ) 1.4 - Added a border for footer widget title customizable from ACP - > Footer -> Footer Widgets Border - Added a option to made custom category height customizable from ACP - > Forum -> Category height ( default set to 12px ) This suggestion requested by @MagicalFire
  6. Nope, it's ok.Because i put all widgets horizontal widgets in one background http://prntscr.com/oqqdd9 I didnt want to add delimitation for section title in footer!
  7. Sorry @MagicalFire im tired i dint see the images clear! Search in custom.css [data-role="forums"] .cForumRow.ipsDataItem { position: relative; margin-top: 12px; padding-top: 12px; padding-bottom: 12px; margin-bottom: 12px; } and changed it to [data-role="forums"] .cForumRow.ipsDataItem { position: relative; margin-top: 4px; padding-top: 4px; padding-bottom: 4px; margin-bottom: 4px; } Or put what number you want there, or delete the section!
  8. @MagicalFire For example you can put this on custom.css .ipsDataItem_stats { display:none; } And reduce the forum width from template panel! The theme is responsive, for bigger description the forum will go next to avatar!
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Info It's just a simple plugin, wich add acp and mcp icons in userbar menu ( desktop & mobile ) No need to configure this plugin, just install and enjoy! Note: This plugin doesn't work with custom userbar ( modified and moved in other html file ) Support: Use pm! If you like this plugin, rate this plugin!


  10. Version 1.2


    Info It's just a simple plugin, wich redesign the subforumlist and rearrange on 2/3 or 4 columns! Note: This plugin doesn't work with custom forumrow who replace the original template! So, if you use some tutorial to arange forums on x columns, revert forumrow. Support: Use pm! If you like this plugin, rate this plugin!


  11. 2.4 ( From now, because archive is to large to be uploaded, if you want all PSD files just send me a pm ) - Resolved background for moderated posts - Resolved some colors for upload attachements - Resolved other minor issues
  12. 1.3 - Now this template use 2 post containers, you can switch betwen style 1 and style 2 from ACP -> PostBit - Now you can change usermenu and seatch position from left to right ( you can switch betwen left and right from ACP - Header ) - Resolved some background colors
  13. Version 3.0


    Rankbars crafted by cyberpixelz version 3.0 I help you with 3 more ranks if you dont know how to edit the psd file.


  14. Update 1.2 - Added Summer panel wich contains : - Forum Icons changed - SubList Icons changed - Header Bg changed - Back to top button - Member Avatar ( index ) This summer panel can be activated or dezactivated from ACP with 1 click. ============================ --- ============================ - Now every single column from footer can be disabled - Unread forums icons color changed - Now when you disable the slider, the image is disableing too. - Tags color changed with the hover color - Back To Top Icon changed - Breadcrumbs icons color changed - Changed section Title icon
  15. Yes send me a pm with forum + an account with acp!
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