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  1. I can not confirm this. The image is listed under "Files" in ACP and when I click "View locations", the image is referenced by a private message. The cleanup task does not delete this attachment. Kind regards, Stefan
  2. Hello, in my community users are able to upload images/files to the forum, but not to private messages. But it is possible to bypass this restriction: Start a new topic in the forum and upload the image Insert the image into the topic Copy the inserted image into the clipboard Start a new private message and paste the image from the clipboard into the editor Submit the private message Cancel the new topic -> Image is now a valid attachment of the private message (tested with IPS 4.5). Is this expected behavior? Kind regards, Stefan
  3. Hi, the notifications.xml RSS feed is only accessable by logged in members. So is there a way to access this RSS feed from external RSS readers? Kind regards, Stefan
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply. I've created a feature request for the missing site name translation. Kind regards, Stefan Werner
  5. Hi, I've noticed that the site name of my IPS community suite is not translatable, while all other strings are. Please make the site name translatable. Kind regards, Stefan Werner
  6. Hello, I've added a second language to my community site and can translate all texts, except for the site name. Is this a bug or a missing feature? Kind regards, Stefan
  7. Hi, I've setup a number profile field for my users and have different problems with member search: Setting the field as read-only (disable "Member can edit value"), then member search for a specific field value does not work anymore, instead all members matching the display name are found Hiding the profile field (disable "Show publicly on member's profile") still shows the field on the member search for each user, although only the staff can see the field in the profile Are these problems a bug or by design (I've tested version 4.1.8)? My purpose is to add a hidden profil
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